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Make CRM fast and easy. Fulfill the promise of productivity.

Intelligent alerts, CRM insights and inline editing that help revenue teams drive more revenue through higher productivity and deeper collaboration.



The Central Nervous System for Revenue

Monitor data from your most important systems to deliver actionable insights in Slack and MS Teams to accelerate your business.


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Industry leaders choose Troops

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Break the Cycle of Reactivity. Propel your revenue flywheel.

Stop fighting fires and flying blind. Align everyone with your revenue strategy by harnessing the way people work and collaborate.

  • Aid, guide, and drive action

    Send alerts to all the right people in Slack and MS Teams as soon as something critical happens and enable direct action.
  • Capture cleaner data

    Bring CRM to where your team already works to make updates convenient and save reps 5+ hours a week.
  • Unlock visibility for all

    Un-silo data to streamline handoffs, surface coaching opps, and never drop a single ball again.
  • Expedite alignment

    Jump-start collaboration to keep everyone aligned on the latest movements and propel deals to the finish line.
  • Win and celebrate together

    Give recognition, celebrate wins and foster team unity as you grow deal velocity and size, together.

Meet your team where they already are

Empower them with intelligent real-time alerts that help people collaborate, update CRM and take action from wherever they are, all within Slack or Teams.

“What I love about Troops is that it fits in seamlessly with Slack and Salesforce and makes it easy for people to do what they need to do.”

 Ziv Peled, Chief Customer Officer at AppsFlyer








Update your CRM without opening your CRM

Remind and enable teams to quickly update every task and opportunity from a single spreadsheet, saving reps hours and countless browser tabs.

“What would have taken an hour to coordinate with sellers and update using other tools now with Grid takes us just minutes.”



Collaborate across the entire customer journey

Consolidate critical deal alerts and insights to drive alignment and visibility across every key stakeholder, from prospect to lead to renewal.

“We are able to leverage leadership and cross functional teams in Deal Rooms to strategize over complex deals. It helps keep communication consolidated and allows everyone to collaborate in real-time.”

 Anthony Wroblewski, Partnerships at DoorDash



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Accelerating wins across the whole team

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Case Studies

Companies of all sizes drive productivity and collaboration with Troops

Get more out of the platforms you already use.

Troops helps you get more mileage out of the solutions already in your tech stack by bringing them to your teams.

“As both a user and builder of Troops workflows at Slack, I can confirm, they are one of the easiest ways we’ve increased operational efficiency and data accuracy.”
Alan Davis
Alan Davis
Deal Operations, Slack
“Troops really brings the human side out of the data in Salesforce. It lets you interact with it in a way that just wasn’t possible before.”
Arjun Ganatra
Sr. Salesforce Admin, StackOverflow
"I’m slow to the game but quickly falling in love with Troops. If you are into process, data integrity and are always trying to reduce inefficiencies. It’s a must have technology to add to your tech stack."
Simon Kaye
Sales Operations, Dynamic Yield

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Our G2 reviews speak for themselves   

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"Troops is my favorite sales tool. Having access to our Salesforce data in Slack has been a game-changer. As with many salespeople, keeping up with all the tasks we need to do is tough. Being able to tackle all this manual Salesforce work in Slack just makes life so much easier and gives me more time back in my day."

Adam Michalski, Partner Growth


"Troops is non-negotiable for me in operationalizing our business. Every organization looking to scale should utilize Troops to not only make the processes easier, but to keep track of important information in Salesforce that would have otherwise been lost. It removes the Salesforce usage barrier for your light Salesforce users (ones who need data, but aren't daily users)."

Jerri Gillean, Head of PMO