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You need to adopt a lot of software to “get things done.” We spend our days working to understand your frustrations so we can empower you with intelligent, conversational software and supercharge your revenue teams' performance.


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We couldn't stand the pain . . . so we created Troops

Troops is a revenue communications platform that helps customer-facing teams stay on top of everything that matters, whether they are focused on sales, customer acquisition, or customer success.

We started the company because we experienced firsthand the pain of having to log in to myriad tools and slog through a ton of fields, forms, boxes, and buttons to do our jobs. That requires immense context switching and creates a lot of pain for people every day.

If you’re like most people, you probably have 40 different tabs open right now, and you’re switching between various systems, trying to find the right information to do your job. That’s insane.

We think work needs to be more human. And  we can make it more human by putting business process information and workflows into the places people prefer to work. Today that’s in messaging and collaboration platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Troops makes work more human by getting the information people need to them in the mediums where they are in the flow of work So they can spend time doing what they do best. Building relationships and having conversations that create successful outcomes.

We’re a team of positive, growth-minded, self- starting individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, dedicated to our mission of empowering people, automating workflows, and supercharging performance.

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Executive team


Dan Reich

Co-founder, CEO

Scott Britton

Co-founder, Head of Growth

Greg Ratner

Co-founder, CTO

Roque Versace

Chief Revenue Officer

Jonathan Bartlett

Chief Product Officer

Will Meyer

VP of Engineering

Danny Essner

VP of Marketing

Brittany Parkinson

VP of Customer Success

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Andrew Levy Founder & CSO, Apteligent

Andy Monfried Founder & CEO, Lotame

Anthony Saleh Investor, Emagen Investment Group

Brian Distelburger Co-Founder & President, Yext

Bryce Maddock CEO, TaskUs

Dannie Herzberg Head of Mid-Market Sales, Slack

Dave Eisenberg Co-Founder, CEO of Floored

David Yaffe Co-Founder & CEO, Arbor

Gokul Rajaram Product Eng. Lead, Square

Jack Groetzinger Founder, SeatGeek

Jason Finger Co-Founder, Seamless Web

Jaspar Weir Co-Founder & President, TaskUs

Jay Srinivasan Co-Founder of Appurify

Joshua Schachter Founder,

Ken Landis Co-Founder, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Kenny Herman VP of Biz Dev, Shutterstock

Max Altschuler Founder & CEO, Sales Hacker

Michael Katz Co-Founder & CEO, mParticle

Nat Turner Co-Founder & CEO, Flatiron Health

Peter Kazanjy Founder at Modern Sales Salon

Peter Chen President, Slice

Pierre Valade Co-Founder, Sunrise

Wiley Cerilli Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Good Uncle

Zach Weinberg Co-Founder & COO, Flatiron Health