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2021 Year In Review

By Dan Reich on December 21, 2021

To say 2021 is a year to remember, would be an understatement. Across the world, people and organizations have had to reimagine and adapt to a new world order. For some, this has been easy and for others it has certainly been much harder.

In many ways, startups were always the most prepared for this. By definition, startups are signing up for the impossible. They venture into uncharted territory with no map and with certain unknowns. Moreover, startups today by definition are almost always technology companies. The key insights for new businesses today are almost all technologically driven. And let’s face it; without that technology, our economy would have grinded to a halt this past year. The early adopter, technology-first mindset operators and companies were the ones that stayed ahead of the curve this year.

We’ve seen this firsthand at Troops, both within our own company and at the customers we serve. When COVID-19 hit, the best companies in the world were adopting and evolving at lighting speeds, changing business processes on the fly, reorganizing their teams, and implementing new policies.

It’s been quite remarkable to see those changes being made and supported with the products we’ve built. It’s as if, overnight, companies realized they needed to migrate their entire business out of siloed systems and into mediums where people were spending most of their time while working from home. In short, companies started to appreciate and embrace our vision at Troops.  Today, Troops powers over 10 Million workflows for our customers to help them save time, better collaborate and be more productive.

More exciting to us, is that this vision and mindset is still in its infancy. We are only still at the earliest innings of companies reimagining how they work and where that work lives.

It’s been quite a year, but the best is still yet to come.

Here’s a look back at some things we accomplished in 2021.

New Product Launch:  Grid
Grid is a truly transformational product for Troops customers.   It’s a spreadsheet-like inline editor that helps sales reps, customer success reps, or anyone charged with making frequent updates inside of a CRM like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Gainsight or HubSpot.  By allowing reps to view and update multiple records at once from a single page rather than jumping across many forms fields and browser tabs, Grid reclaims hours of lost time every week.



Microsoft Partnership
This year Troops forged a strategic partnership with Microsoft, and its Microsoft for Startups program.  Not only does the partnership provide Troops with access to key technology, including the Azure Cloud platform, but it also gives Troops unparalleled reach and access to customers, where they are…especially those leveraging important Microsoft technologies including Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Microsoft Teams.

New Integrations:  Microsoft Teams, Salesforce CPQ, Microsoft Dynamics, Gainsight, Outreach, and Zendesk Sell
As our customers use Troops for an increasing number of key workflows to be more productive, better collaborate and drive more revenue, they’ve asked us to connect to more systems in their Revenue Technology stack.   This year, we’ve added key integrations with Microsoft Teams, Salesforce CPQ, Microsoft Dynamics, Gainsight, Outreach, and Zendesk Sell.   With each integration Troops customers can deliver alerts on key data from each of these systems to the right person or team inside Slack and Microsoft teams.  Using Troops is enabling our customers to get much more value from their key Revenue Technology investments.
Salesforce ISV Partnership
In March of this year, Troops became an official Salesforce ISV partner, and is now discoverable through Salesforce’s AppExchange marketplace.  By becoming officially listed in the AppExchange with a 5 Star rating Troops is now accessible to many Revenue Teams who can only deploy Salesforce-approved applications.

Salesforce AppExchange Rating


Systems Integration Partnerships
Many of our largest customers work with strategic technology partners to help them evaluate, select, deploy and optimize the technologies in their Revenue technology stack.  They’ve asked us to work with those providers so that they can help our customers incorporate Troops into their strategy and workflows.  So, in 2021 we’ve begun working with some of the largest systems integrators in the world.  Together, we will continue helping customers optimize their Revenue-generating workflows to save time, generate more revenue, and provide better experiences for their customers.

Here’s some of what our customers have to say

“+1 recommendation for Troops. I brought it into 3 companies, all of them returned significant ROI from the solution. I got promoted, more leads, and a significant increase in operational efficiency in my CRM data. I completely stopped using Salesforce UI with Troops and ran everything out of Slack exclusively.” Founder, Revenue Advisory

“Without Troops we wouldn’t be able to use Gainsight to its fullest capacity.” - Sasha Novikov, CS Strategic Programs Manager, Slack

“Grid Saves us several steps in bulk updating records.  What would have taken an hour to coordinate with sellers and update using other tools now with Grid takes us just minutes.” - Taboola

2021 and all of our achievements would not have been possible without our incredible team, our amazing customers, and the thousands more who enable or advocate our success.  Thank you for your support and dedication and for an awesome 2021.  

Wishing you and your families a happy, safe and healthy new year, and an amazing 2022!

Dan Reich

Written by Dan Reich

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