A few weeks ago, Troops launched our most anticipated functionality to date: Action Buttons.

TLDR: you can now easily create customized actions that range from updating Salesforce fields, creating Salesforce objects, making calls, sending templated emails, and linking anywhere across the web.

So far the feedback has been tremendous...

One person even told us they stopped smoking because of them!

The most popular use cases that have emerged so far have been related to updating Salesforce. Today we wanted to share the most popular Salesforce Action Button use cases we’ve seen across 100’s of companies.

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Confirming Meetings & Events

Many teams we work with use Salesforce Events to schedule and track customer meetings.

The challenge is that many meetings don’t hold and it’s often hard to get your team to mark whether the meeting held or not in Salesforce. If you're looking to have accurate funnel metrics, understanding these inputs is imperative.

Simple buttons that allow reps to confirm meeting statuses have been an absolute game changer helping reps disposition these and add notes at the end of the day!

Task Management

You know that annoying window that pops up every time you open Salesforce when you have tasks that are due? Not our favorite either.

By combining date based workflows on the task object with simple create and close task options, teams are running their entire task management process through Slack.

Preventing Stale Leads and Contacts

That lead hasn’t had activity on it in 30 days, but it’s still in working...smells a bit fishy to me!

For all the SDR managers out there, heckling your team to update lead and contact statuses is something you can put in the rearview mirror.

Using a last activity or last modified condition, proactively engage your team when leads and contacts are going stale with 1 click actions to update the status once a day. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Case Management

For the teams out there leveraging Salesforce Cases, we’re seeing a ton of customers leverage action buttons to not only stay on top of cases, but promptly update them.

One example from one of our star customers is to proactively reach out to their team if a case hasn’t been modified in 7 days, and give their team an easy option to close it out.

Assigning Leads

Though automated lead assignment is becoming increasingly popular, many Troops customers still prefer to manually assign certain leads and accounts to make sure the best possible person is matched with the right prospect.

This has never been easier to do quickly and easily using Troops action buttons. Two implementations we’ve seen are a generic “assign” button as well as pre-filled assign options so that managers can select the appropriate user in one click!

The example above leverages the Troops "pre-fill" button option that automatically defaults a field change in one click. This can be used all sorts of ways for many different type of fields.

Updating Close Dates

Easily updating close dates and other key forecast inputs continues to be a bread and butter action set for Troops. Simple Salesforce automation workflows like this have been incredibly impactful improving forecast accuracy while saving time for reps. 

Now that Salesforce action buttons are out in the wild, it's been incredibly interesting to see the various ways teams are using them to make updating Salesforce as easy as possible.

Note: Want to see how Salesforce Action Buttons in Slack can improve Salesforce data quality while saving time for your teamTry Troops today for free. 






Written by Scott

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