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Salesforce Completes Acquisition of Slack: The Future of System to Human Connectivity
2 min read

Today, Salesforce announced that their deal to acquire Slack has been finalized and the two teams will get to work making...

Troops teams up with Microsoft on Teams, Dynamics 365 and Azure and joins the Microsoft for Startups Program
2 min read

Troops is taking another step today to meet our customers where they are: we are joining the Microsoft for Startups program...

What a year it has been: 2020 in review
3 min read

To say “what a year” is an understatement, but here a few things we accomplished in 2020.

Salesforce acquiring Slack: Why that's a good thing for the future of work
10 min read

"Did you see the news that Salesforce is acquiring Slack?"I've been getting a lot of notes like this over the past few days....

A note from Troops CEO: Making new connections for our customers
4 min read

Between 1943 and 1945 the ENIAC was built. This was the first Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator, and was...

We Are More Than COVID-19 Numbers
3 min read

“Another COVID-19 email…”

Like many of you, I continue to receive emails from company leaders about what they are doing about...