Best Workflows Contest Winners Announced!
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Have you ever won money for doing less work? Three of our cleverest customers have! For the first annual Troops Best Workflows...

Workflow contest winner Royce Marcus saves DoorDash 156 manager hours a month with Troops
9 min read

For the first annual Troops Best Workflows Contest, we challenged Troops users to: 1) share the most powerful ways their teams...

Best workflows contest, 3rd Prize: WeWork uses Troops to respond to hot leads in real time
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For the first annual Troops Best Workflows Contest, we challenged Troops users to share the most powerful ways their teams are...

How to Roll Out a New Sales Process (So That It Actually Works)
11 min read

Many sales organizations spend a small fortune implementing a new sales process. For example, expect to pay a trainer...

eBook: The Definitive Guide to Account Based Collaboration: Part 1
1 min read

Companies that are winning are about delivering the ultimate customer experience.

How to Rapidly Improve Your SDRs Cold Call Quality Using Automation
6 min read

Here at Troops, we’re always looking for new ways to optimize our own workflows to drive better sales processes and improve the...

Success Story: LaunchDarkly and the Power of Team Selling
3 min read

LaunchDarkly, one of the fastest growing SaaS companies (according to the Cloud 100’s Rising Stars), found themselves running in...

8 Key Benefits of Account Based Collaboration
5 min read

In previous posts, we’ve talked about what Account Based Collaboration is, why it’s important, and what type of companies should...

What Is Account Based Collaboration?
10 min read

Account Based Collaboration is a transformative approach to selling that has emerged in the last few years among forward-thinking...

How Dynamic Yield Uses Automation to Improve Their Quarterly Business Review (QBR) Process
6 min read

As the Head of Customer Success Operations at Dynamic Yield, Rona Yang’s job is clear: equip her team with the tools they need to...

How This Organization Improved Executive Visibility to Drive a Better Customer Experience Using Troops
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Manuel Harnisch is Head of Customer Success at network analytics provider Kentik. His team handles onboarding, continuous...

How to Drive Executive Engagement in Key Sales Conversations
5 min read

When executives assist on a deal, good things happen. People love to talk to someone in power and often they are able to elevate...

Fill Your Sales Pipeline by Finding “The Entry Point” (Interview with Craig Rosenberg)
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When Craig Rosenberg conducted training for sales reps at an enterprise software company, he pushed them to consider alternate...

We Fixed Our Ideal Customer Profile (in Salesforce) Using This Data-Driven Process
7 min read

If you’re like most sales professionals, you could probably describe your ideal customer profile in your sleep. And you know who...

From Dispositioning Meetings to Task Management - Popular Salesforce Action Button Use Cases
4 min read

A few weeks ago, Troops launched our most anticipated functionality to date: Action Buttons.

The New Rules of Sales Prospecting
6 min read

When was the last time you made a purchase from a cold call without any prior engagement with that company?

How to Use Automation to Engage Buyers at the Perfect Moment
2 min read

In the days where everyone has outbound automation robots at their disposal, cutting through the noise come down to one thing:

How Managers Use Troops to Keep a Better Pulse on Their Teams
2 min read

Once upon a time there were no giphys in the workplace...

4 Slack Workflows That Can Help You Better Understand Customers
6 min read

We mostly just use Slack for chatting

I hear this a lot when I talk to sales and customer success teams about how they use...

Why we're excited to hire a Marketer
10 min read

We’re making our first marketing hire at Troops, and I gotta say I am pumpedddd.

How to Close More Deals With The Neighborhood Technique
5 min read

Despite what modern screen share jockeys will tell you, sometimes it takes a little face time to get a customer across the finish...

A Simple Hack To Massively Improve Outbound Email Campaigns
5 min read

Most outbound email campaigns suck.

Sales Styles: How to Have Hard Conversations Without Polarizing Prospects
6 min read

How do you tell a prospect something hard to hear without polarizing them...especially if you’re not naturally a “challenger”...

How to Build A Remote Team for Outsourced Lead Generation
6 min read

In the last post, I described how to scrape LinkedIn to build massive leads lists of companies and contacts programmatically.