I can’t be on every single call, but I want to know what’s going on!

Whether you’re a sales manager, rep trying to ramp quickly, or c-level executive, the reality is you can’t be everywhere listening to what customers are saying and keeping a tight pulse on the market.

Many companies have instituted a best practice often called “call reports” or “field notes” where they share notes and next steps from their sales meetings across the team.

Today, we’re going to show you how to automate that : )


Why Call Reports Are Huge

There are a ton of reasons why companies institute call reports:

  • Management needs to understand what is going on with deals
  • Making sure your team is asking the right questions & has next steps
  • Collecting product feedback and sharing it with product teams
  • Helping sales reps and account executives learn from each other

Asking someone to write a separate email and then put the information in Salesforce is often duplicative.

The additional friction often results in failure for the information to make it into Salesforce or be shared with the team.

With Troops workflow builder, we’re seeing more and more companies automate the dissemination of their call notes.

The outcome is a live feed of call notes that anyone on the team can subscribe to in order to see what is going on with their deals.


How to Get Started

We’ve created a simple template that you can use to get started immediately here.

All you need to do is designate what is indicative that a meeting was completed, select the information that you want to share, and the channel you want it to go to.


We recommend a dedicated #salescallreports for this workflow.

Additional best practices we recommend:

  • Designating a certain call “type” in Salesforce to distinguish meetings from other activities
  • Having your team highlight feature requests with all caps in their notes - FEATURE REQUEST
  • Always finishing the calls with a NEXT STEPS

Pro tip: the notes even respect Slack formatting rules so you can @mention colleagues or bold/underline.

Across the board we’ve seen this workflow help organizations better manage their teams, become more customer driven, and speed up ramp time..

Get started with your own field reports live feed today!





Scott Britton

Written by Scott Britton

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