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Best Workflows Contest Winners Announced!

By Scott on December 2, 2020

Have you ever won money for doing less work? Three of our cleverest customers have!

For the first annual Troops Best Workflows Contest, we challenged Troops users to share the most powerful ways their teams are using custom workflows and the impact these workflows are having on their business.

There were plenty of submissions full of love for out-of-the-box tools like Deal Rooms and our Slack sales gong. But the winning edge went to customers who created custom workflows to address pains that are unique to their organizations.

And the really awesome part? The contest-winning solutions took zero technical skills. Anyone — including you and your team — can build similar workflows to solve your biggest process pains.

The contest details

People from over 30 companies submitted over 40 entries, competing for cash to spend on their teams: 1st prize - $3,000, 2nd prize - $1,500, 3rd prize, $500.

The challenge: Share the most powerful ways your team is using Troops and the impact it’s having on your business.

Submissions were scored by our (wise and impartial) panel of judges: Matt Cameron (Managing Partner at SaaSy Sales Management), Scott Britton (Troops co-founder and head of growth), Brittany Parkinson (Troops head of customer success), & Lars Nilsson (CEO of SalesSource). 

It was amazing (and humbling) to see the variety of ways our customers use Troops to make their teams work better together and to drive revenue.


Introducing the winners and their workflows

The business results our contest winners have seen from creating their workflows are positively inspiring. Collectively, the workflows they built have helped them save hundreds of manager and sales engineer hours per month and earn tens of thousands of dollars in approved contracts per month. Additionally, our winners say their Troops workflows have strengthened partnerships between reps in the field and their support teams nationwide.

Without further ado, here are our contest winners:


1st prize - $3,000 cash:

Royce Marcus from DoorDash for the “Exclusive Deal Approval Request” workflow


Royce’s workflow helps regional managers quickly and effortlessly approve special deal requests from reps in the field.

“Prior to Troops, reps were one-off Slacking or Chattering their managers [for special deal requests],” Royce told us. “This was both disorganized and a major time and energy suck for managers.”

With Troops, DoorDash has streamlined and automated all special deal requests into regional channels based on the manager. Once complete, Troops auto-alerts reps that the deal is approved, saving managers from having to close the loop.


“This ‘feed’ easily aggregates all requests for managers to handle when they have a few moments,” Royce said. “Reps also know exactly what they need to do in Salesforce."


See Royce's workflow in action


2nd Prize - $1,500 Cash:

Allison August from Slack for the “DSR Requests Notification” workflow
Customer Quote Photos (2) image.png

Allison’s workflow helps Slack solutions engineers (SEs) see and take incoming deal support requests from Account Executives (AEs).

The workflow removed a huge bottleneck, saving the team hours of time and strengthening the sales rep and sales engineering (DSR-SE) partnership.
Best Workflow Contest #1
This change in response time meant Slack solutions engineers were able to respond to customers more quickly and, most importantly, get deals done faster.

“We strengthened the AE-SE partnership by inspiring trust through this quick assignment process, and we're delivering on our sales cycles better than ever,” Allison told us.

The DSR request workflow is now in place for all of America in the enterprise and mid-market segments. Allison said they’ve handled hundreds of DSR requests this way.

See Allison's workflow in action


3rd Prize - $500:

Joshua Mann formerly at WeWork for the “Inventory Holds Released Notification” workflow

4 image.png

Josh’s custom workflow helps WeWork sales reps close countless deals by notifying them when inventory holds are released, signaling that they can sell the inventory.

In addition to the inventory holds released workflow, Josh also uses Troops to clearly communicate with reps about contract status.


See Josh's workflow in action

Everyone wins with custom workflows

You don’t need a contest to see rewards from Troops: The workflows you build will win your teams more time, so they can focus on strengthening customer relationships and driving more revenue.

What winning workflow idea will you bring to life? Build it with Troops today.


Written by Scott

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