Artificial intelligence. Machine learning. Bots. Messaging. Drones.

I could keep going, but I’ll spare you.

In“Startupland” we’re surrounded by these buzzwords. Some are very close to having a huge impact on our personal lives, while others are farther out than they seem

The good news is, the promise of these technologies is starting to come to life within an increasing number of solutions we use at work.

AI is scheduling our meetings. Messaging has taken over the workplace. Drones are...ok, drones haven’t invaded our offices just yet but would you be surprised if they did soon enough?

I mean I heard there's been some robot sitings at recent tech conferences so it's not that far fetched...


At Troops, we are all about making the lives of sales teams better. So, we searched high and low for breakout sales startups that are using new technologies to change the game for sales teams…

We found a few keepers and decided to put together a little slideshare to document a few of the companies we’re excited about.

Check out these 7 Breakout Sales Startups in 2017:

[slideshare id=73108671&doc=copyofbreakoutsalesstartups-damianoedit1-170313204048]


The companies and their technologies:

  • CaliberMind - using artificial intelligence/machine learning and natural language processing to orchestrate B2B buyer journeys
  • DocSend - providing analytics around sales content to create personalized and optimized buying experiences
  • Drift - leveraging messaging to communicate with prospects and artificial intelligence / machine learning to connect your customers to the right person on your team
  • Gong and Chorus - applying natural language processing and artificial intelligence to revolutionize sales calls
  • Guru - enhancing your team’s sales wiki by developing an algorithm with massive amounts of training data
  • Veelo - recreating how sales teams think about surfacing the right content to prospects at the right time

We know there are other startups not on this list that are poised to succeed as well, and we’re looking forward to watching them rise.

And of course we can’t forget good ol Troops. Almost 1,000 teams are now using our product to get an edge, while making the work experience more delightful.

The best can get going for free here!


What did we miss? Which sales startups do you think are going to breakout this year?



Paul Sondhi

Written by Paul Sondhi

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