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How The C-Suite Uses Troops.ai

By Scott Britton on June 19, 2017

More and more one of the things we've been noticing is how many Troops' power users there are in the C-Suite.

As part of a hack day project, we analyzed over 1,000 companies to see what were the most popular C-suite use cases and compile them in this short guide:

[slideshare id=77075147&doc=anexecsguidetostayingoutofsalesforce-170619151027]


We learned lots of interesting things and were not surprised to learn that they liked having a lot of their key pieces of information scheduled to them.

In fact, scheduling key Salesforce reports to themselves and inside executive channels was the most popular use case.

An Execs Guide to Staying Out of Salesforce.FinalV2 (dragged)

But that wasn't the only use case...

Many execs also liked the ability to recognize their team, quickly pull up information, and be notified of key time sensitive events like when a contract was sent or deal was lost.

Here's what we noticed is the most popular search setup + edit setup is across the C-Suite.

An Execs Guide to Staying Out of Salesforce.FinalV2 (dragged) 1

Interested in an easier way to use Salesforce for you or your exec team? Get started for free at Troops.ai or send us an email at exec@troops.ai.



Scott Britton

Written by Scott Britton

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