For Salesforce geeks like myself, building a new dashboard can be a very satisfying feeling.

Look at these cool gauges...and those bar graphs!

“Staying on track is never going to be easier.”

Then one day you realize something.

That beautiful new dashboard has been sitting there like an empty Best Buy parking lot since you introduced it in the last sales all hands .

You learn that your team has not actually been looking at it...and perhaps even more alarming, many of them are completely unaware to all the the insights you’ve tee’d up for them to make their lives easier!

Sound familiar?

Culture Amp found themselves in somewhat of a similar position with their 40-person Sales and Success teams.

Growth Operations had a treasure trove of data and insights well laid out inside of Salesforce, but the Sales & Success teams weren’t taking advantage of their data to the extent they should have been.

They needed a way to automate awareness around their most important signals in a lightweight & engaging way.

Example prospect and account signals included things like:

  • Account mood downgrades
  • Admins added to the products
  • Overdue opportunity close dates
  • Real-time lead notifications

They knew that if they made it easy for the team to see these leading indicators, their team would be more likely to take the actions they needed to whether that was reaching out to a new admin to offer training, responding to a new lead, or updating Salesforce.

In short order, they introduced Troops across the team to drive attention and action to their most important signals.

A New Way To Inject Data Across Their Processes

The ability to provide direct 1:1, private messaging so that reps only saw thing relevant to the Salesforce records they owned, ensured things remained relevant.

This was a vast improvement over asking the team to monitor channels for the entire team’s call to actions which proved to be cumbersome and low-signal.

An added incentive for their team was the ability to attach easy actions so reps never even have to leave the interface they’re already working in.

The result has been enhanced data quality across the CRM and more accountability to their key business processes.

"Troops is one of the most powerful tools I've seen.  If you have Salesforce and Slack it is a must have tool! "

-Andy Mowat, VP of Growth Ops at Culture Amp

Culture Amp is just one of many examples of modern sales and success organizations that are leveraging modern Salesforce Slack workflow to engage reps how and where they like to work.

Sound interesting? Get started with you first workflow today in less than 2 minutes, by creating a free account at!




Scott Britton

Written by Scott Britton

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