Spotinst automates cloud infrastructure to improve performance, reduce complexity, and optimize costs. The company has a consumption-based revenue model that can offer customers significant savings when compared to traditional cloud infrastructure costs.

Cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Azure need to keep “excess capacity” in reserve for when their customers need it. Rather than keeping that capacity idle, cloud providers offer it at substantially lower prices with the caveat that, with just a couple minutes of warning, they may take it back. So you pay less, but you get less availability. Spotinst saw the opportunity to manage that excess capacity so that their customers could get lower prices and high availability, up to 100%. The savings are substantial.

As the popularity of cloud solutions has boomed, Spontinst has grown fast—globally. To fuel their growth, they need to be nimble and customer-focused.



Why they brought in Troops

When Tomer Frieder, formerly Director of Customer Success, was promoted to VP of Sales for EMEA and APAC, he had plenty of technical and customer-facing experience but was new to sales. He sprinted up the learning curve to lead a small team. They were using Salesforce, but inconsistently. And they didn’t have a sales ops resource to help. Tomer learned about Troops from friends at Appsflyer. “I’m data-driven in decisions I make. I needed a quick win. Without sales ops staff, I needed Troops.”

Tomer lacked visibility into deals and couldn’t trust the data in Salesforce. “I couldn’t measure performance, and I didn’t know where deals were,” Tomer told us. “I didn’t have the time or resources to program Salesforce to work the way we want to work.”

But he didn’t want his team wasting time with cumbersome data entry. They needed to be selling and supporting customers. He wanted a solution that encouraged his team to follow the process because the process worked, not one that burdened them.


Continuous sales productivity, with Troops

Asked to describe Troops in three words, Tomer responded, “Continuous sales productivity.” Spotinst uses Troops for account acquisition to manage stages for each opportunity and ensure that next steps are documented, with dates. He and his team then get next-step reminders at just the right time, in Slack.

Troops alerts Tomer and his team if new customers are not using their product within a set amount of time, which is critical to generating revenue. “I get notifications. I don’t look at all of them but I am auditing, and my team knows,” he says. Then he can step in to help when needed.

He gets a weekly usage report with a snapshot of qualified opportunities. “I get a number,” he says. “If I want I can click and dive into details in Salesforce. But I usually don’t need to.”

Tomer’s favorite Troops feature is Deal Rooms. “I’m aware of what’s happening in close to real-time. I can see if something was delayed.” And he can step in to guide, support, and congratulate his team.


Key Benefits

Performance: Tomer appreciates how easy and low cost it was to get up and running on Troops. “I didn’t have to ask for more budget or distract our R&D resources to program Salesforce to work for us. Now I have a sales ops person, and he’s also using Troops.”

Visibility and access from anywhere: With Troops, the team gets data they need, from anywhere. They often work from their homes and on the road. “Now when I log into a specific account deal room, I know where the deal stands. For me it’s the only way I can manage and maintain control,” he says.

Productivity and Speed: “We love to move fast,” Tomer tells us. All internal communications go through Slack, and as a company, they avoid long email threads. “We live in Slack, so using Troops completely makes sense.” Tomer loves speed: “Even 20 seconds I save from having to log into Salesforce is unbelievable, I can get an answer right from Slack using Troops. I’m not going to open Salesforce on my cell phone.” Tomer focuses on team productivity and personally trains his new employees on productivity techniques, including using Troops.



What’s next with Troops?

Spotinst is building out a customer success management (CSM) team, which will use Troops. And they plan to extend their use of Troops to all sales reps and most everyone who is customer-facing. “This year, I’m expected to bring in more money and continue to grow fast,” says Tomer. “I’m counting on Troops to help me do that.”

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Julie Gibbs

Written by Julie Gibbs

Julie is the CMO at Troops, Inc.

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