We’re pulled in so many directions in a single workday: urgent customer asks, quickly moving pieces and team priorities for every project, and not to mention the admin work we’re responsible for.

What’s the best way to manage it all? We asked top Sales and CS professionals at different organizations, and we saw a variety of ways to stay organized and in control, usually with some combination of project management tools, spreadsheets, and flurry of sticky notes and notepads, digital and physical.

However, a challenge is the lack of connectivity between those tools and the CRM platforms we’re required to update, wasting time as reps duplicate efforts between them and creating friction with management if they ever forget to do it. The CRM platforms can also, frankly, be frustrating–you know, the right-click-new-tab ritual of updating pipeline.

CRM is valuable, but only if you’re getting more out of it than you’re expected to put into it. Seeing this, we created Grid to help Sales and CS professionals quickly and efficiently manage their account and pipeline updates directly via spreadsheet, and bring the value out of CRM tools back to them.

Manage accounts and pipeline faster than ever

While reps differ in when and how often they make pipeline updates throughout the week, on average, they dedicate up to 5 hours a week to sift through their accounts and opportunity updates in their CRM. That’s time that you could be spending talking to customers, strategizing with your team, or on things beyond work.

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Grid shows you all of your accounts, opportunities and next steps in a single spreadsheet so you can quickly make updates across your records without having to lose focus while opening endless tabs. To update a field, simply double click into a cell, make your changes, and a green check mark will appear, indicating that the change has been made in your CRM in real time as well.

When testing Grid, a rep was able to update due dates and next steps for 5 opportunities in 1.5 minutes and in one tab, whereas it took them 6 tabs and more than double the time to do the same directly in Salesforce.

A bird’s eye view of your book of business

The more you know about your customers, the better you’ll be able to advocate for them and win their business. The benefit of CRM is it can store a wealth of info about them, but you only benefit if you can meaningfully surface it.

With Grid’s endless customizability, you can easily surface all of the important info about your accounts and opportunities in a single view, giving you the visibility you need to map out your game plan and priorities. You can pull in information from your CRM that others in your team are responsible for or even across the other key Go To Market platforms, making it easier to get the customer 360 you need to collaborate and make well-informed customer strategies.

Grid Reminders - Your personal assistant

It’s important for the tools you use fit where and how you and your team already work. Many revenue teams today live and collaborate in messaging apps such as Slack and MS Teams, so it’s important to have access to everything you need to succeed directly in chat.

Grid Reminder 2
With Grid Reminders, you can set yourself Slack or Teams notifications that drive you straight to your Grid, so you don’t have to remember to update your CRM or get a note from your manager chiding you that you’re late. Schedule them to your convenience, such as the first thing as you start your week, a few hours before your manager 1:1s, or the afternoon before forecast calls.

Why did we create Grid?

People like spreadsheets to manage their projects in a single view, but double efforts when they have to copy details to and from their CRM. By connecting the two and making it accessible via messaging app, Grid saves time and boosts productivity, while also enabling cleaner CRM data and a bird’s-eye view for more strategic decision-making.

Our goal is to make work easier. With Grid Reminders and Signals with action buttons leading to Grid, it’s easy to get notified and access your Grid directly from the platforms you already use constantly, helping you stay focused and eliminating the need to remember to log into more platforms.

Ready for Grid to help you stay in control and save you hours a week? Start your free trial or talk to our team!

Ashley Mao

Written by Ashley Mao

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Troops

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