“It’s next to impossible to get reps using Salesforce in the field...this has turned into a logistical nightmare”

When Randy Allen, VP of Sales at Honor, looked at his field sales team, he saw great intention but poor adherence to process. Coordinating a growing team across state lines with their SDR and Care teams through the funnel was proving to be a challenge.

As a result, multiple leads fell through, leaving the team frustrated.

He knew the reason - success relied on accurate and timely Salesforce data and process coordination, and “Salesforce 1 usage was abysmal; no one liked using it”.

A lot had to do with the timeliness of when things were being entered, if at all. In an industry that requires incredibly fast follow up and full transparency of critical care needs and info, a poor handoff meant the chance of a deal closing dropped significantly.

Randy felt like he couldn’t help the team without a full picture of what was going on, and they certainly weren’t helping themselves.

Bringing Troops on board

On the other hand, field sales loved Slack. He wanted to hack a way to coordinate what they should be doing at key moments into the app they were actually using.

He chose Troops as the way to get it done, with simple but powerful workflows sent to the team when they needed to confirm or update their consults for cross-team comms.

These are sent to them at the exact right moment, linking together the right people.

Let’s take a look at 3 examples of them in sequence:

New Consult Scheduled / Pre-Consult Prep

A ping in channel alerts the Lead Care Advisor to a new scheduled Consult to get it on their radar.

When the the consult is a day away, the care advisor gets another notice. Both workflows let the team enter their pre-consult notes to ensure a smooth transition.

Using “/troops” to Log Call notes

When the consult happens, capturing detailed and accurate notes is critical. With Troops they can enter call notes to Salesforce on their Slack app.

They bring up the record using “/troops”, hit Log a Call, enter their notes, and move on.


Post-Consult Update

When the Consult happens and the rep hasn’t updated the status of the lead, they are prompted to do so at the end of the day. This can be repeated until the lead is properly updated.

The good news was these were easy to set up and roll out, and Randy - not an engineer - can add, remove or make adjustments as needed.

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Field Sales Transformed

In 3 short weeks, Honor saw an average of over 120 leads updated per week with critical deal activity logged on over 150 consults, a stunning reversal from nearly nothing. The team started to fire on all cylinders.

And what about Inside Sales?

Running key workflows in Slack has benefited them as well…”much more than I could have anticipated”.

The success of the field sales team has even encouraged Randy to get post-deal data into Slack, to celebrate team wins and milestones. For a team that is distributed, that shared recognition makes a big difference.

It all seems to be working...Honor just recently announced a $50M Series C and are excited about their prospects for continued growth as they look to transform home care. Nice job team!

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Paul Holder

Written by Paul Holder

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