Lucid is a market research platform connecting companies like Verizon, HubSpot, LiveRamp, and BCG to consumers. They take a hands-on approach to helping their customers target the right audiences and understand what their survey insights mean.

As part of their managed services business, Lucid runs an average of 170 projects per week, each of which requires assignment of a dedicated project manager.

But assigning a project manager to every new project immediately after signup was proving problematic for Lucid. Their revenue operations team struggled to keep up with how quickly they were closing deals.

Recently, Lucid gained the operational flexibility to keep up with demand by using Troops. This flexibility helped them streamline their processes without bringing on additional Salesforce support.

We spoke with Halle Kaplan-Allen, senior manager of revenue operations at Lucid, to learn more about how Troops empowered her to manage Lucid’s critical workflows.

Halle is passionate about clear, efficient process design. She values self sufficiency, preferring to work with tools that give her the ability to make an immediate impact on Lucid’s processes without a deep knowledge of Salesforce. 




Too many closed-won deals

Not only is Lucid growing fast, but their managed services deals are very transactional. They manage hundreds of closed-won opportunities every month at an average ticket price of $6,000.

Lucid's rapid growth over the past few years has put a lot of pressure on the company's operations leaders. They needed to assign a project manager to every project as soon as possible after close. But they were already operating at their limits.



Rather than spending time and money expanding the SFDC administration team, Halle wanted to find a solution that would make Lucid more nimble and creative. She didn’t just want to fix this one critical process — she needed the ability to experiment with new workflows without needing to invest in years of Salesforce training first.


New Troops workflows

She found that solution in Troops. Halle used Troops’ lightweight, non-technical platform to create a brand new workflow to handle the high volume of new project manager assignments.

This new workflow notified the team whenever a new deal was closed/won by posting an alert in a dedicated Slack channel. Once that alert went out, they reviewed and immediately assigned a project manager from Slack. Troops then sent an alert to the project manager, notifying them of their new assignment.

Overall, Halle created 11 new project assignment channels in Slack. Those channels handled an average of 177 alerts per week total with a value of $1.4 million.

What’s more, Halle used Troops to streamline other Lucid processes. One of her new workflows simplified the handoff between business development and account executive, pulling that entire process out of Salesforce and into Slack. Another alerted account managers every time their customers were at risk of churning.

Halle also used Troops to experiment with improving the experience for “boomerang” customers who churned only to later return to Lucid. She created a new Troops workflow that alerted a dedicated channel whenever a churned customer returned, allowing them to rally around those accounts and provide a higher level of white-glove service.



Operational flexibility without the SFDC price tag

Without Troops, Lucid would have needed to hire at least one more SFDC admin. That would have required additional training time and cost, and there's a shortage of qualified SFDC professionals in the market.

Instead, Troops gave Halle the immediate tools and flexibility she needed to tackle complex process challenges at a quarter of the cost.



This flexibility empowers Lucid’s team to improve their processes and experiment with new ones without relying too much on Salesforce expertise. It gives their existing Salesforce operations team the bandwidth to focus on priority tasks, while Halle continues to push the boundaries of what she can achieve with process design.

The Troops advantage

Troops made it possible for Halle to take control of Lucid’s operational processes and adapt them to better meet business needs.

Speed and flexibility: She appreciates how Troops makes it quick and easy to create and change Lucid’s critical processes. That speed and flexibility is critical for a company that’s growing as quickly as Lucid.

Low technical burden: With Troops, Halle doesn’t need to wait for Lucid’s Salesforce admin team to make improvements. She can use Troops to create and experiment with new workflows that solve problems as they occur.



Real impact without a massive investment: Salesforce administrators are expensive and in short supply. Troops helps Lucid adapt their processes at a fast, cost-efficient pace without an over-reliance on Salesforce expertise.

Halle continues to push the boundaries of what she can achieve with Troops. She looks forward to experimenting with new processes and workflows that make work more efficient at Lucid.

Andrei Newman

Written by Andrei Newman

Product Manager

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