Following up quickly with an inbound lead can make or break your deal.

Inbound leads usually identified their challenges and possible solutions before engaging with your company. They already completed half of the sales process by themselves, and are ready to choose their vendor.

There have been lots of studies around lead response times. Some interesting takeaways:

  • On average, inbound leads reach out to 3 to 5 companies
  • 50% of customers buy from the company that responds to their inquiry first
  • The average lead response time for software companies is 1 hour and 5 minutes
  • Only 7% of companies respond within 5 minutes

Especially for companies with a high inbound lead volume, decreasing lead response times can be essential to improving inbound close rates.

Bring Lead Notifications to Slack

If Slack is the platform your sales team uses for collaboration, bringing lead notifications into Slack will help you decrease lead response times and improve your lead to opp conversion rates.

Take HubSpot for example:

Their inbound lead volume was incredibly strong. The sales team got notified of their hot Marketing Qualified Leads via email alerts. However, a combination of feedback from the team and responsiveness data suggested that email was not the best channel to surface the best leads for follow up.

Their marketing team decided to experiment with new channels. After all, if anyone knew how important responding to leads is to the bottom line, it was HubSpot.

HubSpot needed an option that was more efficient than email notifications, could be customizable enough to accommodate the variety of buying indicators they were tracking, and needed to be intuitive to set up and use.

HubSpot decided to implement Troops, which resulted in a 50% decrease in unworked leads, along with faster response times (work rates within 24 hours went from 78% to 95%).

Leverage Buying Signals in Slack

To increase close rates, it’s essential to leverage data from your marketing automation tools. Whether you’re using HubSpot, Marketo or Pardot, it’s fairly easy to empower your team to stay on top of lead activity and buying signals in Slack.

Your marketing automation tools are built to capture and surface leads that matter. You built Interesting Moments with Marketo or Lead Scoring with HubSpot to quickly surface critical buying signals and actions that signal key changes along the buying journey.

But… are you reps actually doing anything with these hand raisers?

Person Raising Hand: Medium Skin Tone on Apple iOS 12.1

We found for most teams, not as effectively or quickly as they should be.

The good news: because your marketing automation platform integrates with Salesforce, teams are routing these key signals where they will be acted on, in Slack.

The even better news: with Troops actions, reps can call or email a lead from that same message.

For example:1. Key Signals Increase Lead Score

  • Signed up through your landing page
  • Engaged with marketing content
  • Downloaded a whitepaper
  • Visited your site at least 3 times over the course of a week

2. Troops Alert Fires ⚡- Directly route to your rep
Routing alerts directly to your rep allow them to get the information they need, immediately.


3. Reps Take Action Right Away!

Troops allows your sales team to take action on buying signals directly from Slack, which removes friction and increases speed to lead.


The faster you are, the more likely it is you’ll close a deal. If you’re sales team lives on Slack, serving your lead notifications and buying signals there in real-time will help your team to act immediately and improve inbound close rates.

Are you ready to speed up your sales processes? Sign up for a free Troops account today and increase close rates.


Tommy Klouwers

Written by Tommy Klouwers

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