In this article, we provide an in-depth analysis of how Troops compares to other platforms, including InsightSquared, Clari, and other alternatives, for sales teams and managers looking for deeper insights into their Salesforce data.

All three products have strengths and weaknesses. They also have different focuses and methodology for providing insights and tools to sales managers and front-line sales reps.

To help as you consider your options, this guide will provide an in-depth look at each product. We start with a basic comparison chart of the three platforms. For a deeper look at the differences between each platform, continue reading for a full breakdown.

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InsightSquared vs Clari vs Troops


InsightSquared and Clari focus on visibility, providing sales leaders better insight into the data within Salesforce. InsightSquared bills itself as “revenue intelligence software,” while Clari brings to the foreground its AI for both “forecasting and execution.”

Troops, though it offers visibility-oriented reporting, focuses more on enabling sales reps to do their jobs better by proactively making sure Salesforce data is up-to-date by engaging them where they are already working vs. a new interface.

If you need dashboards for better visibility into your sales team’s activities, both InsightSquared and Clari are strong options. Both connect directly to Salesforce to create data visualizations that help sales managers see what’s happening across their sales organizations.

However, while Troops includes robust reporting features, it is specifically designed to solve a different problem: helping sales reps keep the data inside Salesforce up-to-date.

Troops image log meetings in Salesforce

Many customers at Troops chose the service after trying several other reporting tools like InsightSquared and Clari. While the data visualizations were great, they still weren’t accurate or adopted by the reps— because the organization’s sales reps weren’t keeping their Salesforce records up-to-date and current.

For one of Troops’ customers, for example, 1 out of 5 deals in Salesforce were in “overdue” status. By adding Troops, their sales reps gained an easy way to update deals, and the company’s forecasting and projections improved rapidly.

InsightSquared and Clari solve the problem of data analysis and insight. They pull data, analyze it, and present it to you in a way that helps you make decisions. They can help you see, for example, that a lot of your deals haven’t had recent activity and need to be updated.

InsightSquared sales activity

Troops solves a different problem entirely: improving the quality of the data inside Salesforce by getting ahead of the problem and engaging reps when they are not engaging in a key business process that they should be like logging meeting notes, making follow-up calls, and updating their records. Troops does this with automated Slack messages to remind your reps to update their records—which they can do from the Slack notification to make things as easy as possible.

Advanced reporting tools help you see what needs to be done, in other words, but Troops gives sales reps an easy tool to do what needs to be done—in just a few taps within Slack.

For these reasons, both Clari and InsightSquared can be used in partnership with Troops if desired, although Troops also has powerful reporting tools built in.

Whatever you decide, the biggest advantage of using Troops vs. Clari or InsightSquared is that Troops makes it easy to update records without reps needing to log into a new user interface.

Which brings us to...

Salesforce Integration

And when we talk about “Salesforce Integration,” it may help to think of it in terms of who is going to be using it, and in which direction information is moving.

Salesforce Integration for Sales Reps

For sales reps, Clari allows users to update accounts with a series of phone-tap answers, shows on-track and at-risk deals at a glance, and allows drill-downs for customer engagement and success probabilities.

Similarly, Sales Operations teams can drill down into analytics and have access to reporting and workflow best practices the organization can glean from its own successes.

In contrast, InsightSquared seems geared more toward sales leaders and managers. It offers analytics and insights which a sales force and its support teams could benefit from—but not necessarily use themselves.

It may be possible to configure InsightSquared for individual sales reps, but we didn’t see much information to that effect on their website.

Troops’ focus is on making Salesforce (and Slack) easier for your sales teams to use, so that—no matter what reports you’re using—what you see is accurate. Troops also offers many incentives for sales reps, including the ability to easily update accounts, send messages, and manage data.

Direction of Data Movement

Because InsightSquared, Clari, and Troops all focus on different approaches to improving Salesforce use, they each use and move data differently.

InsightSquared is focused on more intelligent reporting. You can think of InsightSquared’s integration as mostly a one-way journey—from Salesforce into InsightSquared reports.

Clari has more features available to let users write data back into Salesforce from within Clari’s user interface. You can think of Clari’s integration as a two-way street—with data moving both into and out of Salesforce as information is both analyzed and responded to. Even so, the tools are mostly meant to be used by managers.

Troops is focused on improving the data within Salesforce, but also improving communication between Salesforce with Slack. You can also think of Troops’ integration as a two-way street—with data flowing back and forth between Salesforce and Troops. The difference is that Troops is built into Slack and meant to be used by front-line sales reps, enabling them to update deal records quickly and easily. All they have to do is reply to Troops’ automated Slack messages.


Reporting is what InsightSquared really seems focused on, and they have a lot to offer here.

Their Tiles analytics tool divides its package offerings into Sales Analytics, Sales Development Analytics, Demand Generation Analytics, and SaaS Reporting.

Their Slate by InsightSquared tool offers custom reporting, with an emphasis on its usefulness for business leaders, business analysts, and technical analysts.

InsightSquared package sales activity

Clari also focuses on presenting sales analytics in useful and clear ways and highlights both its Pipeline and Forecast analytics capabilities.

Clari goes on to break down how users might benefit from its ability to serve up analytics “for every sales moment” (such as QBRs, 1:1s, and board meetings) and for activity awareness (do certain accounts need more attention, or certain account reps need more help?).

Clari Quality Score

Because Troops’ focus is more on helping you and your sales force get the most out of Salesforce, Troops’ reporting is also more focused on getting the most out of existing Salesforce reports.

Troops lets you view and schedule reports with custom views into any message or channel, all within Slack. That way, you don’t have to be a coder to get the automated reports and intuitive dashboards you want. A huge benefit for teams is the ability to expose these reports and information across the entire company, including users who do not have Salesforce licenses or didn’t want to log in to see certain data points.

Troops Reporting

Mobile Application

InsightSquared has its own mobile app, and so does Clari. Troops, by contrast, works within Slack, enabling sales reps to update records from an app they already have and use.

InsightSquared’s app offers personalized dashboards and the ability to both view metrics and send them to other team members.

InsightSq mobile

InsightSquared has an additional app, which we’ll get into a little more below.

Clari’s app also offers analytics but appears to focus more on interfacing with Salesforce. Users can view and update accounts, get alerts and reminders, and access emails and contacts.

clari mobile

Clari also offers Clari Connect, a messaging app available within their web platform and as a mobile app separate from their flagship app.

Because Troops was built from the start with the appeal and usability of leveraging existing mobile applications your team already uses like Slack, Troops doesn’t have its own app.

If you have the Slack app and want to add Troops’ ability to interface with Salesforce to it, there’s no additional app for you or your sales reps to download or learn.

AI and Automation

All three sales tools use artificial intelligence and automation to improve the sales and reporting process.

InsightSquared focuses a lot on intelligence. It calls its Tiles and Slate systems an “operating system” to build a more uniform view of revenue channels. Because of InsightSquared’s commitment to better analytics, they use AI within Tiles’ four categories we mentioned above—Sales Analytics, Sales Development Analytics, Demand Generation Analytics, and SaaS Reporting—and within Slate’s customizable reporting.

Users can also automate report creation and delivery when using InsightSquared.

Clari uses AI to manage teams, pipelines, opportunities, and forecasts. This process is designed to help sales managers make informed decisions about each of those areas. It also helps users have a sharper focus on their best opportunities, weakest links, and strongest wins.

Clari’s automation is similar to InsightSquared, enabling users to receive automated reminders for sales tasks and real-time data for forecasting.

Troops’ AI works specifically to integrate Salesforce with Slack and intelligently suggest actions when things are slipping through the cracks.

Automation within Troops allows sales managers, reps, and support teams to set up and receive customized alerts and reminders within Slack, streamlining updates and reducing meetings for both managers and sales teams. You can also schedule customized reports to be automatically sent to your sales teams to keep relevant information in front of them.

Intelligent Workflows

Among the three tools, workflows are a feature that is unique to Troops.

Clari and InsightSquared can give you data about those workflows, but only Troops has a Workflow Builder and Meeting Workflow you can use to configure custom workflow processes and let sales reps respond with log notes. When using Troops, this can all be done from Slack, which updates Salesforce simultaneously.

Activity Logging

While InsightSquared has a lot to offer regarding analytics, they are focused more on pulling information from Salesforce rather than pushing sales activities back into it. And as we mentioned earlier, InsightSquared is designed more for sales leadership members rather than individual sales reps with daily tasks.

Clari allows sales reps to update Salesforce with deal progress and customer communications, but they have to do so from within Clari’s mobile or web user interfaces.

Troops allows users to easily find and edit key fields such as opportunity stage, close date, and deal values—all from within Slack. Troops also integrates with your Calendar for quick activity updates such as call logging and opportunity updates.

Troops workflow example

Built-in Sales Gong

It turns out that celebrating sales wins is a surprisingly difficult challenge for many sales organizations. Many sales teams announce sales wins in emails (that are easily ignored) or in ad-hoc announcements on team sales calls.

InsightSquared has an app called Champ that can use used to celebrate wins. With Clari, the Clari Connect messaging app is probably your best bet.

With Troops, you already have the messaging app built-in using Slack.

Add to that a customizable Digital Sales Gong feature with criteria that announces the deals you want to feature and gif and emoji libraries for team members to respond with, and your teams will be ready to celebrate wins in real-time while fostering a culture of sharing and conversation about what made those deals happen.

Pricing & Plans

Like Troops, InsightSquared and Clari are custom quoted for each of their customers. Here are a few details on each of their plans:

InsightSquared Pricing & Plans

InsightSquared offers three plan levels:

  1. Starter
  2. Professional
  3. Enterprise

InsightSquared Plans

Clari Pricing & Plans

Clari has one set of features for all its customers.

Clari process graphic

Troops Pricing & Plans

Troops also offers one suite of features available to all customers.

Troops Plan Details

Conclusion: Which Platform Should You Choose for Your Sales Team?

As we said when we started, a lot of people ask us about how Clari, InsightSquared, and Troops compare to each other as Salesforce partners for stronger insights. And maybe the easiest way to categorize them is this:

InsightSquared offers robust analytics and reporting tools and is geared more toward top-down views of sales and revenue information. It’s oriented to intelligently pull information from Salesforce. It is built mostly for sales leaders looking to understand the data they already have in the CRM.

While information gleaned using InsightSquared may alert you to what else needs to be done within Salesforce to make your processes more successful, it’s not set up to actively help you control those processes.

If you want to see your data from a bird’s eye view—or from many different angles—and use that data to make more informed sales and business decisions, InsightSquared is probably what you’re looking for.

Clari focuses on both forecasting and execution and offers data insights while increasing Salesforce interaction with additional types of end users. It can pull information, use intelligence to create actionable plans, and allow various sales team members to interact with Salesforce to make sure those plans are implemented.

If your goals are to glean insights and make sure those insights are utilized advantageously, Clari offers benefits in both departments.

Troops is a little different in the sense that it was built expressly with mobile messaging in mind, and interfaces additionally with Slack. It pulls and pushes information from both Salesforce and Slack, turning Slack into a powerful CRM tool and Salesforce into a better communication tool.

Of the three, Troops is the only one expressly designed to be used by sales reps—not just sales leaders. It can help you communicate wins, coach reps to be more successful, and understand your Salesforce data.

But it’s biggest advantage is the ability to dramatically improve the data you have in Salesforce by giving reps a super-simple way to keep their deals up-to-date.

For reps, it’s like having a personal sales assistant, reminding them to log notes, make follow-up calls, and update records—so you (the sales leader) don’t have to.

If you have Slack and Salesforce and want them to work better together, Troops is going to be a great partner to your sales organization.

Note: Want an easier way to keep sales reps accountable for updating their deals in Salesforce? Sign up for a free trial of Troops.

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