Once upon a time there were no giphys in the workplace...

Now we live in a world where it's a company staple for many of us at least once a day.

The reality is that the technology is transforming how we get things done.

Traditional ways sales managers have kept a pulse on their team are methods like weekly 1:1’s and report pulls.

We don’t think these are going away anytime soon, but we are starting to see the best managers use workflow to be more proactive in the way they support their team.
Usually, the best time to discuss a deal value getting cut in half isn’t 3 days later in a 1:1 mixed with a bunch of agenda items - it’s immediately after it happened while everything is still fresh.

Troops’ workflow builder gives managers the ability to configure automatic alerts for key actions that they want to know about as soon as they happen.

That way, you can use it as a coaching moment that might save a deal or offer real-time guidance on best practice for a next step.

Some examples we’ve seen include:

  • Forecast category changes
  • Close dates getting pushed
  • Amounts changing
  • Health or at risk indicators moving below a certain threshold
  • Call Notes after certain types of meetings
  • Influencers or decision makers leaving a company

Simply set up the trigger conditions in Troops’ workflow builder:


Route to a channel, salesforce user, yourself, or a teammate.


Select the data you want to see and easily edit.


Click save and that’s it.

There’s never been an easier way to catch deals at risk and uncover coaching moments while collaborating with your team in one place!

If you already have this turned on in your dashboard, just click "Build Your Own Alert" to create any of the example use cases.

Don't have access to this feature yet? Just email me here to get going




Written by Scott

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