mParticle is a customer data platform that connects to more than 300 marketing and analytics tools to provide brands like Spotify, Airbnb, and Overstock with a unified view of their customers.

The leaders at mParticle understand how important it is to leverage the right tools to make their most critical processes quick, easy, and ready to scale.

mParticle turned to Troops to automate and scale processes across the entire business team, not just sales. mParticle invested early in using Salesforce and Slack, but Salesforce’s outdated notification systems and lack of flexibility with Slack didn’t fit the Slack first communication model. Troops became the glue that keeps Salesforce and its integrated systems together with Slack, connecting their people with the right information at the right time, so they can take the right action.

We spoke with Jerri Gillean, head of mParticle’s project management office (PMO), to learn more about how they used Troops to operationalize their business and automate workflows across the entire company.



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Jerri’s well-versed in many aspects of B2B enterprise software. She’s worked in sales, customer service, operations, and even managed technical teams. Now, as the head of project management, Jerri’s focus is on operationalizing mParticle’s processes for scale. She knows she’s going to ask her people to do a lot of important but uninteresting things. The quicker and easier they can get through them, the better for her team and the company as a whole.



Email backed up mParticle’s processes

mParticle didn’t have an easy way to stay on top of their most important data and business processes.

They relied on email notifications to keep track of important data, collaborate on deals, approve account requests, and manage timesheets. Yet, these emails were difficult to follow and made mParticle’s processes more complex than efficient. 

Jerri needed to find a better way to get information in the hands of the right people as soon as possible. She knew that if she didn’t tackle these problems head-on, they’d persist and worsen as mParticle’s customers, teams, and complexity continued to grow.


Troops made mParticle efficient at scale

Troops helped Jerri operationalize and scale mParticle’s critical business processes. By pulling notifications from email into Slack, Troops gave the mParticle team real-time visibility into deal movements, account requests, and timesheet submissions. This dramatically sped up their response time, helping mParticle drive business, develop simple and scalable processes, and get visibility into customer health.



Speed up response time and drive business

One way mParticle uses Troops is to accelerate their response time for qualified leads, keeping their pipeline full as a result.

For example, mParticle’s accelerator program lets startups use their product for free for a period of time. To get the free period, the startup needs to meet certain criteria, which means an employee has to approve or deny their request. And it needs to happen fast.



Now, when these leads submit their form through the website, Troops sends a notification to the appropriate contact through Slack, and they can immediately approve or deny the request.

As a result, qualified leads receive quicker responses. They don’t sit around waiting to get started with the mParticle product.


Simplify and scale processes

Over the last two years, mParticle has juggled more than 700 Salesforce cases. That’s about one to two cases every business day. Each case needs to be quickly assigned to another person on the team.

Instead of wading through long email chains to understand what’s new, what’s been assigned, and what still needs action, Jerri simplifies this process with Troops. Now, she receives a Slack notification every time there’s a new case that needs her attention. Using action buttons on the case alert, she can assign it directly from Slack. Troops then sends an automated alert to notify the person assigned to the case.

mParticle also uses Troops to simplify the handoff between sales and professional services once a deal closes.

When a new deal closes, Troops automatically sends the sales team an alert prompting them to assign the case to the professional services team for follow-up. Like the case assignment alert, it takes only a few clicks in Slack to pass the case on to the appropriate person and alert that person about the assignment.



By simplifying and automating these processes, mParticle is better prepared to handle increased caseloads as they continue to bring on more customers and grow their business.


Make tedious processes easier and more efficient

Troops helps the mParticle team stay on top of important but monotonous tasks.

For example, mParticle managers have to review and approve a lot of timesheets every week to track the time for their large professional services team. This process is repetitive and takes up a significant amount of time.

With Troops, managers receive a Slack notification when someone fills out their timesheet. They can click directly into that timesheet from the Slack alert and approve it in real time.

This keeps them from wasting large chunks of time every Monday looking back over timesheets from the previous week. It also makes it easier and quicker to complete this monotonous process, freeing them up to focus on more impactful priorities.



Gain more visibility into what matters

Troops helps mParticle get the most important information to the right people when it matters.

For example, when mParticle’s VP of customer service wanted a better way to track changes in customer health scores, Jerri set up a Troops alert for her. Now, the VP gets an automated Slack notification every time a customer’s health score changes in Salesforce.

mParticle also uses Troops to gain visibility into deal stage movements. As a deal moves to a stage where it needs sales engineer (SE) involvement, Troops automatically sends an alert notifying the team and the SE so the seller doesn’t have to.

Whenever a deal moves to a critical stage, Troops alerts tell the entire team about it, so they can watch their efforts pay off in real time and get excited about those promising opportunities.

If a deal gets stuck in a certain stage, Troops sends an alert, bringing the team’s attention to it. This level of visibility makes managers and executives aware of problems in the pipeline in real time, so they can leverage their networks to move those deals forward or otherwise make an impact.


The Troops advantage

Troops makes processes run efficiently and at scale throughout mParticle’s entire business.



Make work more human: We often hear that people struggle to work in Salesforce. mParticle made their processes easier and more intuitive by using Troops to pull work out of Salesforce and into Slack. This not only increased their team’s efficiency, but it also made their team happier.

Simplify and scale your processes: mParticle processes that previously required multiple steps and multiple emails are now triggered automatically, requiring less resources and managing heavier loads.

Speed everything up: Whether it’s approving a lead or assigning a project, mParticle employees can quickly take action directly through Slack notifications instead of wading through Salesforce.

Get better visibility: mParticle’s executives can now see the information they need to track important deals and keep an eye on business trends.

Jerri doesn’t limit Troops to just sales. Instead, she believes that Troops is an operational tool that provides value across the entire business. She continues to find opportunities to make mParticle’s processes more human by creating new workflows.

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Andrei Newman

Written by Andrei Newman

Product Manager

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