If your business runs on MS Dynamics 365, you know that while the platform is powerful, at times, it can be overwhelming.   We all store so much data on our prospects and customers, that it’s impossible to keep track of what’s happening, what’s changing and how we need to prioritize our limited time.   


Sales and customer success teams spend too much time looking for insights, manually entering data into Dynamics record by record, and context switching between Dynamics and applications where they spend the majority of their time these days…namely MS Teams or Slack.


This results in wasted time, missed deals and, worst of all, lost revenue opportunities.   


Until Now.


Troops Makes Revenue Teams More Productive with MS Dynamics


Troops now enables Revenue teams to get the important information they need from Dynamics, delivered to them directly inside MS Teams or Slack, exactly when they need it.  No more hunting for information, no more guessing as to what’s changed, and no more uncertainty into what’s most urgent.


Troops listens for key events and changes inside Dynamics, and notifies the right people - individuals or groups - inside Microsoft Teams and Slack, enabling them to take appropriate action right away.


Here’s How


Sales Reps


Get Instant Lead Notifications Inside MS Teams


Receive instant notifications inside MS Teams when a new lead is assigned to you, enabling you to quickly follow up.   Increase your chances of converting that lead into an opportunity by knowing exactly when to reach out.

Group 4


Save hours each week updating Dynamics


With Troops Grid, our lightning fast inline editor, you can quickly update multiple records in Dynamics from a single browser screen.  No more clicking across multiple tabs.  Save hours each week adding meeting notes and updating your pipeline in just a few clicks.



Sales Leaders


Keep Track of All Your Team’s Deals


Get instant notifications when your team creates new opportunities, or opportunities hit key milestones, such as reaching a specific stage, or a sales rep updating amounts or timelines.  Know when to get involved, and which reps need help.


Forecast Accurately with Better Data


When Sales reps use Troops Signals and Grid to keep Dynamics up to date, Sales leaders have better data to forecast more precisely, enabling them to focus their efforts where the most needed.



Customer Success


Go From Reactive to Proactive Customer Management


Deliver key account insights to account teams on engagement, NPS scores, and support tickets to help them stay on top of accounts and provide better customer experiences. 



Troops for MS Dynamics CRM 365 is now available for connection with Microsoft Teams and Slack. You can test drive using Troops to connect Dynamics 365 CRM to Teams or Slack with our free 30-day trial. 


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Dan Reich

Written by Dan Reich

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