PandaDoc saw priority lead response time decrease to UNDER 5 MIN after using Troops


  • PandaDoc had trouble keeping reps prioritized as a highly transactional, end-to-end sales organization.
  • Their team, heavy users of Slack, brought Troops on board which immediately focused reps’ attention and time on higher-quality selling activities.
  • The result was a significant decrease in lead response times and big time-savings for management.


For a transaction and fast-paced sales organization, every minute matters. At PandaDoc, a leading document automation platform, the commercial sales team is highly transactional, running the full sales cycle from inbound lead to opportunity closed. With incredibly strong website traffic, it was easy for reps to lose sight of their top of funnel as they worked their opportunities. In addition, the team was growing, and it was becoming difficult for management to keep up with all the activity.

“We opened a second office on the East Coast and I needed a way to hold my reps accountable to certain metrics”, said Mike Paladino, Director of Commercial Sales. “In short, I needed real-time notifications to help my team manage their deals and prioritize key indicators”.




Finding help with Troops

Mike realized he needed a way to be accountable for more people without adding headcount. The team was heavy users of Slack, and bringing automation there made intuitive sense. In fact, the PandaDoc team had tried to hack together some notifications themselves, but quickly realized a dedicated tool like Troops would provide a much more powerful, reliable, and user-friendly experience.


PandaDoc uses a combination of Hubspot scores and other specific qualifiers to feed the best leads to reps in real time.


Troops helped save time and increase responsiveness for both sellers and management

The PandaDoc team took to Troops quickly. By bringing key deal indicators and reporting into Slack with Troops, productivity has increased because reps know where to focus their time, instead of following leads and opportunities that have lower chances to convert. As an example, PandaDoc brought their best leads front and center into Slack through a Troops alert, and as a result have seen response time decrease to under 5 minutes - a major win for a team with constant activity. For management, Mike estimates that 1:1 prep time has been cut down by 40%, a major time savings for him and his growing team.

Julie Gibbs

Written by Julie Gibbs

Julie is the CMO at Troops, Inc.

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