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Introducing alerts on any Salesforce date field in Slack!

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Yes, now more than just Close Dates get love from us. With Troops, you can now create workflow off of any important date that you track in Salesforce.

With so many dates to keep track of, it can be easy to forget them without dedicated reminders. Troops brings those to you in Slack, making it dead-simple to track upcoming or overdue:

  • Renewal or opt-out dates
  • Task or event due dates
  • Go live dates
  • Key billing dates
  • Last activity or last modified dates
  • Next step dates

...or anything else!

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Date-based alerts give you the power to bring the highest-signals to your team in the right place with the right options...

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  • Customize when you want the alert to be sent. As long as it's a date field, you can choose to create an alert for it. The day of, 30 days before, 15 days in the past - the choice is yours. Plus, you can choose to include past due dates for those alerts set to fire for a future date (like if it's a date that should really be updated).

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  • Send Direct Messages to the right people with the right content. Date-based alerts can be sent to Direct Messages, with your choice of what is that gets shown to each person. You have the option to send all to someone, or get specific and only send to Account Owners for the Accounts they own, for example.

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  • Tailor the message and content to fit. You can customize what the alert says for a personal touch and to make any action items clear. Include added info from your object so the right context is given.

If you're looking for more info, we have it here.



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