Combining AND / OR Conditions + Records I Own

Introducing Troops Analytics

Our Top 8 Product Updates of 2019

Troops Action Buttons Upgrade: Date Pickers and Multi-Select Support

Speed Approval Processes, Improve Visibility with Troops Approvals

Easily Create Deal Rooms Based on Any Workflow Conditions

Introducing Cross-Object Filters On Troops Workflows

NEW Action Button Updates: Optional/Required Fields & Unlimited Buttons

Two new features: create records in Slack ✏️ and "Or" condition logic ⚙️

Introducing Deal Rooms: The First Slack-native Account-Based Collaboration Solution

Workflow Tags make organization easier

Slack + Salesforce + Google Calendar = Meeting Magic

Celebrating Wins Will Be More Fun Than Ever with Custom GIFs

Send Date-Based-Alerts to Slack Channels

Move more deals through the funnel with Email Actions

Upgraded Slash Commands makes using Salesforce in Slack even better

Guide Your Sales and Success Plays With New Link Actions

Introducing Action Buttons: Update Salesforce, Make Calls, Send Emails, and direct to any URL in Slack

Log meeting notes in Slack with our Google Calendar integration

Stay on top of stagnant deals with Stuck in Stage

Add Salesforce fields to Workflow Messages

Salesforce Sandbox Now Supported

Create alerts around any date in Salesforce

Add info from multiple objects to any alert

Log Call or Meeting Notes in Slack

What's New? Troops Product Updates October 2017

Route Workflow To Group Messages For Superior Handoffs and Real-Time Coaching

Introducing the New Troops

What's New? Troops Product Updates August 2017

Edit fields on your Salesforce alerts!

What's New? Troops Product Updates July 2017

Re-assign object owners in Slack

Alerts On Any Object and Salesforce Owner Routing

What's New? Troops Product Updates June 2017

Update Salesforce text fields from Slack

Reports just got a whole new look and upgrade

What's New? Troops Product Updates May 2017

What's New? Troops Product Updates April 2017

Update Salesforce directly from Slack using Troops Search & Edit

What's New? Troops Product Updates March 2017

Create Alerts For Specific Teams, Record Types, and More

What's New? Troops Product Updates January 2017

Customize an Alert for Any Stage in your Pipeline

Enhanced Search Experience With Buttons and Expanded Field Support

Salesforce Summary Reports and Enhancements

Introducing Sales Gong Filters and Attributes

Customization & Scheduling of Reports

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