Today, we launched a feature that was in very high demand: Custom GIFs!
Instead of using Troops’ randomly generated GIFs to celebrate wins, you can now upload your own collection.

^ this is the Troops team. We can now use this GIF when our sales team closes a deal!

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • Personal GIFs vs Team GIFs vs Troops Handpicked GIFs
  • Cool ideas for using custom GIFs
  • How to upload them

If you aren’t using workflows yet to celebrate wins, you can do so here!

Personal GIFs vs Team GIFs vs Troops Handpicked GIFs

Before we launched this feature, we would always generate a GIF from Troops’s handpicked GIF library. Now you’re able to control it all yourself, allowing you to boost company culture and rep motivation with some personalization!

When you add your own GIFs, you can decide if you want to use them for the whole team, or for individual users when they cause a GIF-enabled workflow to fire.

Some Cool Ideas for Using GIFs to Celebrate Wins

These are some ideas we have heard from our users. Be inspired!

  1. Individual GIF:
    Are you a huge fan of a specific artist or sports team? Select a bunch of GIFs and have them celebrate all wins with you.
  2. Company GIF:
    At Troops, we have our Troops robot. Give that company culture a little boost with all wins!
  3. The Manager
    Do you want all AEs to see GIFs of the VP of Sales when they close deals? Create your own GIF and celebrate every win with your team.

This Is How You Can Upload One:

  1. Go to your Team GIF page.
    (Log in → Team → Team GIFs)
  2. Click ‘Add GIFs’
  3. Search Giphy and add your GIFs
    Note: if you want to upload your own, follow these instructions first.
  4. Add Recipients. Do you want everybody to see this GIF or do you only want to show it for specific users?
  5. Click the Save button.
  6. Close deals & celebrate wins with your own GIFs!

Want more detailed instructions? Check out our help article!

Tommy Klouwers

Written by Tommy Klouwers