Posted by Scott on Jul 20, 2017 7:17:51 PM

Troops now supports editing reference fields, which means you can now easily assign or re-assign Lead or Opportunity owners from Slack!

Slack_-_Troops_Demo 12.32.36 PM

Use "/Troops [+ search term]" to find the object you want and edit the owner.

This works great when paired with a new real-time alert, so you can...

  • Assign a new Opp owner after you realize the deal should move from SMB to Enterprise team
  • Re-assign an SDR for further disco as soon as a deal regresses
  • Re-assign a lead if a rep hasn't made contact by the end of the day
  • ...or what combination makes sense for you?

We're excited to bring you this product update, and plan on sharing more soon.

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