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Customization & Scheduling of Reports

By Paul Sondhi on Dec 2, 2016 5:35:51 PM

The Troops Team is very excited to share with you new enhancements to our existing pipeline reports in Slack.

You can now customize the display of your opportunity report and schedule for auto-delivery within the Troops Dashboard. The report will be automatically sent to your "Troops" direct message channel within Slack.

Excellent use cases to configure and schedule your ideal pipeline view include:

  • Every morning to start your day
  • Prior to a weekly 1 v 1
  • Prior to your weekly team pipeline review

Here is a full overview of how to use this new feature.


You can direct all questions or feedback for this new future to Slack@troops.ai or by responding to this email.

Go ahead and customize & schedule your report in the Troops dashboard here!

-The Troops

Paul Sondhi

Written by Paul Sondhi