We launched Deal Rooms for teams that care about collaborating to win their biggest deals. 

Since launch, we’ve seen our customers quickly adopt this new way of working because they recognize that it takes a full team effort to land target accounts.

The number one piece of feedback we’ve gotten is that teams want to prompted to create Deal Rooms based on the criteria they care about, including deal amount and what stage the deal is in.

With our newest update you can now do exactly that, within Slack:

A GIF showing how to create Deal Rooms from within Slack.

All it takes is a few clicks and you’ve created a dedicated space for your team to swarm a big opportunity. You can also use this action on Troops Search to create Deal Rooms at anytime!

Add this action to your workflows so you can create a Deal Room anytime:

  • A complex, large deal is created
  • Legal or finance needs to be brought in
  • Execs are looped in to leverage their connections
  • Solutions engineers without Salesforce access are involved
  • You need to know the status of your team’s top accounts

To get started you just log into your Troops dashboard and add the “Create New Deal Room” action to any of your workflows or Troops Search configuration:

How to Create Deal Rooms

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Benji Hyam

Written by Benji Hyam