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Move more deals through the funnel with Email Actions

By Scott on Jun 13, 2018 8:57:19 AM

The right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Choreographing this play throughout every part of the sales process is how the fastest growing companies are maximizing market share.

Today this just became a little bit easier with the introduction of Troops Email Actions.

What Are Email Actions?

Troops Email Actions make it easy to build and attach customized email templates for any scenario.

Hot inbound lead? -> Demo request email

Closed lost opp ready to be re-engaged? -> Re-engagement email

Customer feature request shipped? -> Let them know

No activity for 14 days? -> Mid-funnel email

New customer introduction to customer success? -> Handoff email

Once a prospects enters a sales conversation, accountability to consistent and effective communication is a struggle for every organization.

Using Troops Email Actions, leaders and managers can design the ideal communication template and proactively send it to their team when they need to use it.

The result is a better experience for your customers and less deals slipping through your funnel.

How to Get Started With Email Actions

Email actions can be created and attached in the actions section of any workflow.

Start by giving your Email Action a custom name, adding a custom variable or default email address(s), and a customized subject line.

After this create the ideal template which can leverage custom variables from your standard and custom Salesforce fields.

When a member of your clicks an email template, their default email client will pop open on their computer or phone with the pre-populated template.

Team members can further customize or alter the email from here as they see fit.



Once you’ve created a few templates, you can also always leverage the “existing actions” library to re-use existing actions across different workflows.

Prompting your team with the most effective communication at the right time once a sales conversation has never been easier.

Get going with your first email action button by logging into your Troops account or create a free trial account today!





Written by Scott