Go ahead - set up your first Action!

We know a lot of teams that start to have success selling naturally look to replicate and memorialize that success across a growing number of reps.

It’s a worthy goal, but as we build out playbook and make our processes more complex a funny things happens- instead of making selling easier, we make everything harder.

The culprit is easy to spot.

Multiple tools, docs, and Salesforce rulebooks leads to compliance fatigue, confusion, and frustration. Reps feel like they have two jobs: selling and trying to remember and adhere to playbooks.

On the other hand, your team effortlessly uses Slack all day  

Modern teams are realizing this shift in the way their teams like to work and using this to their advantage.

It turns out magic happens when you can surface what to do at the exact moment it needs to happen, and make it as simple as possible to take a next step where someone is already working.

Introducing Troops Action Buttons.

With Troops new Action Buttons, you can:

  • Create custom Salesforce buttons that update field sets or create new records
  • Link to any other system to surface the right tribal knowledge and best practices from your team as soon as they’re needed
  • Create email templates to reach contacts with the most effective message
  • Call Salesforce contacts from your existing dialer

Here are our top 5 favorite uses of Workflows + Action Buttons:

1. Make weekly pipeline updates as simple as possible

Update upcoming or overdue close dates, next steps, make it as easy to fill out BANT info, or whatever info is relevant to capture by making it a button press in Slack. You can even progress your Opps and make sure any validations are covered.

2. Always surface your next best actions

It’s hard to remember to reference your internal playbook or knowledge base - it’d be better if “what to do” was surfaced when it was needed. Use an Action Button to link out to any other system or platform, to link to documents, forms, or web apps that help string together process.

3. Execute playbooks with email templates

If part of that playbook involves getting in touch with a Contact, Troops has a pre-fill template to direct the right message to the right contact. This is great for team-to-team handoffs, jumping on key account health changes or new signups, or reaching out when a buying signal happens.

4. Assign or change lead and Opportunity owners

Troops can be your central command for team management. New Leads can be easily assigned or Opportunities moved around depending on the workload and needs of your team.

5. Add Action buttons to “/troops” Salesforce search to make Salesforce updates on the fly

You can configure for almost anything, though - so set up your first action!

PS We always love hearing from you. Chat with us or shoot us a note at support@troops.ai.


Written by Scott