For the last few quarters the Troops team has been hard at work building our newest product, and we’re proud to share it with our customers and partners:

Troops Deal Rooms drive collaboration, visibility, and organization around a team’s most important accounts. If your sales and success teams are focused on closing and growing key deals, Deal Rooms is a product your team needs to have.

What is a Deal Room?

Deal Rooms are superpowered Slack channels that give your team access to everything it needs to close a deal and grow an account, right in Slack.

Here’s what your team can leverage in Deal Rooms:

✅ Quickly catch up with a custom summary











  • Anyone in your Deal Room has access to a summary
  • Customize which Salesforce fields your team cares about
  • New channel members receive a summary to immediately understand context


Calendar reminders that keep everyone aligned










  • Receive notifications before and after critical meetings
  • Brainstorm strategy for meetings to drive outcomes
  • Share updates post-meeting so the team knows about progress or obstacles


☁️ Automated Salesforce updates (including Chatter!)









  • Know immediately when important fields change
  • Keep track of records being created
  • For the first time Troops will pull in Chatter posts (and tag any users)


Access critical documents









  • Pull a key file in Slack and Salesforce to drive collaboration
  • Ensure that documents are being stored where you expect


Store conversation back to Salesforce











  • Skip duplicative work and put next steps or status updates in Slack right into Salesforce
  • Spend more time working with your team and less time working in CRM


Receive key news about an account










  • Notifications for any relevant updates going on with your Account
  • Spark touchpoints to keep threads actives

We know that the best sales and success teams will be collaborating in this way moving forward.

Get ahead of the curve: Deal Rooms is now live to turn on here!


Written by paulholder