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Introducing Sales Gong Filters and Attributes

By Paul Sondhi on Dec 2, 2016 5:44:31 PM

When we released our slack sales gong, people were incredibly excited about their team's ability to celebrate wins where everyone was spending time...so much so that they wanted more:

What if I only want to show deals over a certain value or from certain products?

Can I create multiple sales gongs, that are customized for different teams?

Can I customize the data that is displayed in Slack when a deal closes so my team can see all the important attributes of a new customer in real-time?

Today the answer is yes. We're incredibly excited to offer the most customizable way to celebrate wins with your team in Slack with the introduction of filters and attributes.

Filtering in action...


And let's not forget those attributes...


Why Add Filters To Your Gong?

Filters enable you to define the criteria for which you'd like a sales gong notification to fire off.

If you're a highly transactional company, maybe you only only want to show deals over a certain amount or from a specific channel that you're testing. Or maybe you're selling a new product, and want to highlight only the sales of that new offering.

Applying Attributes To Highlight Deal Information

With attributes you can now showcase the most important information from Salesforce to your entire team the moment a deal closes.

Instead of having to dig into Salesforce to understand this new customer, what led to the deal, and what you might need to do to ensure their success, you can now have all of this information automatically displayed to your team, any time a deal closes in real-time.

Can I create multiple Gongs?

With this update the answer is now yes, and each gong can be highly customized based on filters and attributes you apply above.

Some interesting use cases for multiple gongs:

  • Seperate gongs for different teams (SMB, Mid-Market, Enterprise)
  • Customer Success gong to signal key attributes
  • Executive specific gongs

And yes, we still have gifs : )

You can configure your slack sales gong for your team here.

We're excited to enable filters and attributes to our first notification and what this means for the broader suite of sales intelligence features we plan on rapidly releasing : )

Paul Sondhi

Written by Paul Sondhi