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Logging call notes in Salesforce can be a pain.


Don’t get us wrong - capturing those important notes, next steps and tracking activity is super important. Clicking around Salesforce manually at the end of the day to copy and paste in your notes is usually just the last thing we all feel like doing after a long day of selling.


What if you had a smart assistant automatically surfacing your meetings in a dead-simple interface?


Troops now integrates with Google Calendar, and makes it easy for you to log your Salesforce meeting notes through Slack


We’ll tell you about the external sales related meetings you had today and let you one-click add your notes back to Salesforce.

Meeting Workflow Launch 50pFeatures of Meeting Workflow:

  • Automatically surface meetings. Troops reads your calendar to alert you to recent meetings – and associate the invitees with your Salesforce contacts
  • Filter out domains and emails. We'll automatically ignore internal team meetings, but you can also filter out other domains or specific email addresses
  • Works with your customized task records. Customize the call logging experience to match Salesforce - even your custom fields and picklists

Setting up Meeting Workflow for you or your team:

Tips for setup and best practices to get going and answers to common questions can be found here.troops_ai 2

We always love hearing from you. Chat with us or shoot us a note at support@troops.ai.


Written by Scott