No one likes being told to do something and then having to jump through a bunch of hoops to actually do the thing that they were asked!!

That’s why we are thrilled that Actions are now available for all of our Microsoft Teams Integrations. What does this mean?

You can now do things like:

  • Update a Salesforce opportunity
  • Close a Zendesk ticket
  • Move a Jira status
  • Change a Hubspot campaign 

...without ever leaving Microsoft Teams! Check it out in the gif below. 


This functionality means that every signal in Troops based on data in your systems can also provide users next best actions they can execute without ever leaving Teams across devices. 

This not only makes your team more likely to do what they are supposed to, it also allows them to do things more efficiently!

With this powerful signal + action combination, Troops customers can expect to see improved data quality, process adherence, SLAs achievement, and time saved! More on that here and in our recent CRM + Messaging report.

The primary actions are the ability to update an existing record and create a new one. For example, you could update a deal in Salesforce or create a new contact.

To get started, all you need to do is log into the Troops platform and click “create action” in the final step of our signal builder.

Then select what fields you want your team to input when its clicked!

We encourage you to give it a try today in your Troops account

And if you are not a Troops user yet, but this functionality looks exciting for your team, you can get started for free by contacting us here!

Meagan Jaskot

Written by Meagan Jaskot

Meagan leads customer experience for Troops. She loves improving products to make customers happy and is an avid runner