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We’re excited to announce two exciting enhancements to Troops action buttons:

  1. The ability to make certain fields required or optional
  2. Add an unlimited number of buttons anywhere in Slack

As a refresher, Troops Actions allow you to create custom buttons that can update distinct sets of Salesforce fields or create objects. Many companies use them to create custom calls to actions that make updating Salesforce across devices as easy and clear as possible.

Let’s take a deeper look at both and how you can use them.

Optional/Required Field Settings for Action Buttons

As a part of this update, you can now designate on any given action button which fields are required or optional when submitting to update Salesforce.

Previously, all fields were required when submitting an update via Troops - even if that field was not required in Salesforce.

This is incredibly useful because it allows you to give your team both flexibility on certain workflows, while maintaining requirements that get you the data you need.

A popular use case for leveraging the optional/required fields criteria is around stage changes with exit criteria.

The beauty of action buttons is that you can easily display the exact fields someone may need to update in any given scenario. This is a perfect use case for exit criteria. However, as many sales leaders and operations professionals know, you often don’t get all the information you want. This update provides the flexibility to both encourage as much information as possible, while also letting someone advance an opportunity to the next stage as one example use case.

Using Optional/Required Field Settings

In the Troops Workflow builder, there will be a Required checkbox next to each Editable Field of an Action Button. By default, they will all be Required. If there are certain fields you’d like to make optional, simply uncheck the box.

Note: This setting does not reflect Salesforce optional/required fields. We advise that administrations have their Salesforce open to check that the Salesforce settings and Troops settings do not conflict.

Unlimited Action Buttons on Workflows

Ever since this release of action buttons, teams have requested more! Now there is no limit to the number of action buttons on any workflow, search, and actions on command.

One example use case is now you can create a button for each stage in your sales process so that reps now exactly what information they need to be capturing along the way.

We’re really excited about these new updates and hope you are too! You can get started by adding any of these to your workflows.

If you have any questions, please email or hit us up in the chat!


Written by Scott