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Customize an Alert for Any Stage in your Pipeline

By paulholder on Jan 18, 2017 4:17:54 PM

We’re excited to share our newest feature, Opportunity Stage Change Alerts!


You’re probably wondering how this differs from the Digital Gong…well, now you’re able to:

  • Create alerts based on any opportunity stage changes (not just Closed Won)
  • Customize the notification message text & tag users
  • Toggle on and off GIFs
  • Highlight opportunities created in a specific stage


What can these be used for?

Notify your team in Slack when an opportunity stage changes, for instance:

…you’ve scheduled a demo

…your opportunity has been qualified

…a teammate lost a deal

…you’ve sent a proposal out

Will this work on newly created opportunities?

Yes! Just make sure that when the opportunity is created, the right stage is selected. This alert will only fire when an opportunity is created with the stage that you specified in Troops.

Try setting up your own Opp Stage Change Alert! 


Written by paulholder