We are excited to announce the rollout of two highly requested updates to our users today: Combining AND / OR Conditions and "Records I Own."

1. Combining AND / OR Conditions


Last year we introduced “OR” conditions to our workflow builder, unlocking more customizability when setting up powerful workflows.

Since that announcement, we’ve heard from many Troops admins that they’d like to be able to further customize their workflows by combining AND / OR conditions within a single workflow.


With this release, you can do just that!


Using Condition Groups, group conditions that should all be either AND or OR conditions. Then, just Toggle Logic Between Condition Groups in order to set AND / OR logic between condition groups:




Some use cases early testers have already leveraged include:

  • Setting amount thresholds for stage notifications
  • Consolidating workflows for specific regions
  • Lead alerts dependent upon lead status

Set up a combined AND / OR Field Change Alert or Date-Based Alert from the Troops dashboard here.


2. 🔎“Records I Own”


Our next update is aimed at improving the Troops search experience. Until now, searching Salesforce in Slack via Troops would return all results Salesforce had.

Now, every Troops user has quick access to a Records I Own button, which filters your search results down to just objects you own:


It’s straightforward, it’s easy to use, and it’s live now so give it a go!

Every little bit of feedback helps make our product better, so if you have any go ahead and chat with us on the bottom right of this page 😁


Paul Sondhi

Written by Paul Sondhi