Posted by Scott on Sep 8, 2017 10:06:13 AM

Check our below for a recap of everything new from August!

The Key Takeways

  • New alerts. Now with Troops, you can get alerted to intention or buying signals in real time (read more here), prompt your team to fill our missing data, or get notified when product use for your account decreases - all with new condition options on alerts.


  • Dates can now be filtered on alerts, with a few options so you can see when a key go-live date has been pushed out, for example.
  • Editing Salesforce is front and center. Great for Troops Admins, you can now set up an alert or report on behalf of someone else. Now alerts can be delivered to a direct message to them automatically.

Other Updates...Small but Mighty

  • We continue to make bug fixes and enhancements throughout the product.

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