Posted by Scott on Aug 3, 2017 3:46:36 PM

Check our below for a recap of everything new from July!

The Key Takeways

  • Troops now supports editing reference fields, which means you can now easily assign or re-assign Lead or Opportunity owners from Slack! Read more here.

Slack_-_Troops_Demo 12.32.36 PM

  • We've added additional support on real-time alerts, like the ability to trigger on percentage fields increasing or decreasing or crossing a threshold.
  • Editing Salesforce is front and center. Now you can edit your Salesforce fields directly from an Alert or report. Update next steps right from your "missing next steps" report, for example. Let us know if you want to get access
  • Matrix Reports can now be pulled into Slack through Troops!

Other Updates...Small but Mighty

  • We continue to make bug fixes and enhancements throughout the product.

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