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What's New? Troops Product Updates June 2017

By Scott on Jul 6, 2017 2:26:25 PM



Check our below for a recap of everything new from June!

The Key Takeways

  • You can now update your Next Steps and Account Notes from Slack! Just use /troops [search term] to search, and select Edit to change or add notes to your Salesforce field. You can find more here.


  • Updated reports are now rolled out to everyone. Not only more visually appealing, they are even more useful too with the ability to add over 5 columns. This means even more of your Salesforce info in Slack, and a best-in-class mobile experience.
  • Close Date Alert Upgrades. To make these alerts as high signal/noise as possible, we now give the flexibility to configure filters on your alerts so that the deals you need to stay on top of are always front and center.


  • Alerts on any Object now has front-end UI. As part of our work to give you the ability to get notified of any key changes happening in Salesforce, regardless of object or field, we're building out new UX to support. If you'd be interested in using the first version, let us know!

Other Updates...Small but Mighty

  • We continue to make bug fixes and enhancements throughout the product.

We always love hearing from you. Chat with us or shoot us a note at support@troops.ai.


Written by Scott