Posted by Scott on Jun 12, 2017 7:48:11 AM

Check our below for a recap of everything new from May!

The Key Takeways

  • We've made it incredibly easy for you to invite your teammates to Troops! Just sign in at, select "Invite Team Members", and choose who to send a direct message to. This makes it easy to get others in on search and edit goodness.


  • Reports are getting a huge overhaul. Not only more visually appealing, they are even more useful too with the ability to add over 5 columns. This means even more of your Salesforce info in Slack, and a best-in-class mobile experience.
  • SOCII. Our certification means independent auditors have tested specific operational processes we have in place and determined they meet a rigorous industry standard. Long story short, it means you should feel extremely confident working with us.
  • Teaser: Alerts on any Object. Yes, we're taking our Opportunity Alerts on the road (so to speak). You'll start to see expanded support for real-time SFDC changes in Slack on other Objects - think Accounts, Leads, Cases - or your custom ones. More from us soon.

Other Updates...Small but Mighty

  • We continue to make bug fixes and enhancements throughout the product.

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