Posted by Scott on Nov 8, 2017 5:55:19 AM

Check our below for a recap of everything new from October!

The Key Takeways

  • Send alerts dynamically to referenced contactsIn English, this means that if you want to send an alert directly to the SDR listed on the Opportunity or Account Manager listed on an Account, it’s as easy as selecting the reference field when choosing where to send [hint: they contain a blue Salesforce icon] and Troops will fire a direct message to whoever that happens to be.
  • Alerts that fire can now automatically open up a Group Direct Message! Select two or more people when choosing where to send an Alert, and you now have an option to open up a group message with those people when the alert triggers. This is great for team handoffs and real-time coaching.


  • Coming [very] soon: Add fields to Alerts from other Objects. If another object is referenced on the object you're setting up an alert for (like the Account being shown on an Opportunity or Lead shown on a task), you'll now be able to tap into that object and display any fields from it to give your team added information. Read more here.

Other Updates...Small but Mighty

  • You can now edit the names of your alerts to make it easier to find and categorize them in your dashboard.
  • Close Date Alerts can now be scheduled to be delivered to reps once a week as opposed to every day. For some teams, we think this will help drive engagement and allow for more targeted updating.
  • Showing Old Value --> New Value on Alerts. Now when an alert fires, any fields on the alert that had updated will contain an arrow, so you can see the previous as well as new value.

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