Posted by Scott on Jun 16, 2017 4:58:04 PM


We made some big changes to the Salesforce reports you're pulling into Slack using Troops! 

The biggest thing you'll notice is that they have a brand new look - one that is clean, better formatted and easier to read on mobile.

We did this by converting your reports to images. Why? They look better and allow us greater flexibility in formatting, which means a more robust experience for you.

For example, you can now add more than 5 columns to your Troops Report, giving you the ability to directly port your SFDC report information to Troops 1:1.

This will also allow us to go beyond basic rows and columns to show you your data...

Have a report set up already? Check out the new look by typing "/troops-report" in Slack.


Don't have any reports pulling into Slack yet? Configure one today in Troops.

PS If you're looking for some report inspiration that can help you level up your team, here are the most popular ones in use today.


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