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Add Salesforce fields to Workflow Messages

By Scott on Feb 15, 2018 10:13:20 AM

Troops' Field Change Alerts now supports adding Salesforce fields to workflow messages!

troops_ai 3


To add a field to the workflow message, simply select "Add Field" and choose the field you want to include in the message.

Message Attribute

It includes support for referenced fields too, so you can bring Account information into an Opportunity workflow, for example.



This is great for...

  • Calling out and celebrating team members
  • Specifying someone who needs to take action for a given workflow
  • Highlighting key Account or Deal info (stage changes, key product metrics)
  • Calling out specific Event times
  • Highlighting key missing info (e.g, Next Steps)
  • etc.

Create a new Field Change workflow or update an existing one!


Written by Scott