Posted by Scott on Jul 18, 2017 8:32:11 AM

We’re thrilled to let you know that Troops now supports alerting across any Salesforce object field change, as well as the ability to route this alert directly to a Salesforce owner in Slack.


This means that it has never been easier for your team to see the right information at the right time and take action, across devices.

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AND...with the ability to apply rich filters as well as support custom objects and fields, you can make sure these are always high signal!

The use cases for operationalizing your business are really endless.

Here's a few that we're working with other teams on:

Sales Development:

  • New lead assignment/creation
  • Lead scoring changes and prioritization
  • Marketing automation signals
  • Status and owner changes
  • Recognition on meetings set or key KPIs


  • Opportunity assignment and transition
  • Buying signals or thresholds hit
  • Task assignment
  • Call note distributions


Sales Management

  • Close dates pushed
  • Stage changes
  • Call notes
  • Deals forecasted


Customer Success:

  • Assignment & transition process
  • Health score changes
  • Upcoming renewal dates



  • New cases created
  • Case status changes
  • Case re-assignment


We're excited to bring you this product update, and plan on sharing more soon.

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