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Salesforce Summary Reports and Enhancements

By Paul Sondhi on Dec 2, 2016 5:51:46 PM

The introduction of enabling your Salesforce reports into the messaging interface is exciting for a few reasons:

  • We've seen that injecting this information into a public forum drives accountability and transparency
  • You no longer have to log into a system to get the information you needed
  • Entirely new groups of people can now see information they previously couldn't
  • You can view Salesforce reports on mobile for the first time ever
  • There is no restriction on scheduled report send limits (i.e. 1 per hour)

We made a few optimizations to enhance the experience from the first release which you can check out below.

Summary Reports And No Length Restrictions


The first is that we now support summary reports in addition to tabular ones. You can use Slack's button's features so that you can quickly toggle between different "summary" views as displayed above.

Example use cases of summary reports in slack include:

  • Pipeline views by stage (personal and company)
  • Activity metrics by rep
  • Pipeline by lead source
  • ...and many more

You'll also notice that we have "paginated" reports that exceed a certain number of rows with a "Next Page" or "Previous Page," This allows you to view an entire report without it taking up too much real-estate in the messaging interface.


To get started setting up your existing reports to be pulled and scheduled in Slack, sign into your Troops dashboard here or create an account.

Paul Sondhi

Written by Paul Sondhi