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Update Salesforce text fields from Slack

By Scott on Jun 27, 2017 8:25:05 PM



Troops now supports updating your Salesforce free text fields from Slack!

Just type "/troops + [search term]" in Slack,  select the text field on the object you want to edit, enter in your note, and click save.


We also wanted to answer a few commonly asked questions:

  • How can I add my text field to search results in Troops? Just log in to your Troops account and configure search to add in fields that appear.
  • Is using /troops search the only way to edit next steps? No - if you are getting our Close Date Alerts you can also edit text fields from that alert if it is configured to display that field.
  • It looks like I can't save what I am writing in? Once you finish typing in the message box, make sure to select your text below to confirm the entry. Then you will be able to save. Pro tip: After typing, use arrow-down then enter to make this easier.
  • Can I log a call now? Logging a call from Salesforce is not yet supported.
  • Can anyone update these fields? Yes! - however, a unique Troops account is needed to use search and edit, including free text. You cannot edit others search queries.

We always love hearing from you. Chat with us or shoot us a note at support@troops.ai.


Written by Scott