When we first released search we learned that people not only wanted to customize the data in their search results, but also that the experience needed to be intuitive and work across devices.

This update to our search means you can use buttons to make it even easier to quickly pan through any record whether you're on the computer or on your phone.

In addition, we've done some work under the hood to make searching more reliable:

  • Activity and task fields are now available across all objects
  • All linked objects now show user names instead of a bunch of weird characters
  • Improved defaults for new users

In any slack message or channel, use /troops-find + (any search term) to instantly pull data into Slack.


And now on mobile...


We believe this is the fastest the way to pull Salesforce data on the fly no matter where you are.

Head over to Slack and test it out using /troops-find [search term] and don't forget to customize your search return results after!


Written by Scott