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Send Date-Based-Alerts to Slack Channels

By paulholder on Jul 6, 2018 8:23:36 AM

You know that you can now send your Troops Date-Based-Alerts to Slack channels!

Previously restricted to just individuals in Direct Messages, with this highly requested ask you can now send to a channel important key dates like:

  • Upcoming or overdue tasks and close dates
  • Upcoming renewal dates
  • Demos happening tomorrow
  • When it's been a while since an Opp has had activity
  • Project go-live dates due today
  • etc.

To send a Date-Based-Alert to a Channel:

  1. Select the Object, Conditions and Schedule for your Date Alert
  2. In "Recipients", you'll now see an option to send your Alert to a channel
  3. Finish building your workflow with a Message and/or Action buttons and Save!

One final note...anyone in the channel who wants to use an Action Button created with the workflow in the channel will need a Troops account to do so. You can invite them to create an account from the Team page!


Written by paulholder