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Slack + Salesforce + Google Calendar = Meeting Magic

By Tommy Klouwers on Aug 24, 2018 10:30:57 AM

If you use Google Calendar, Salesforce and Slack - you’re going to love our new product update.

A couple of months ago, we launched Meeting Workflows, which allows anyone to easily log meeting notes to Salesforce after they had a meeting.

As of now, this is going to be even more fun than it already was, because we now allow our users to execute key post-meeting actions, such as updating key opportunity fields, creating tasks or sending follow-up emails.

And the great thing is:
You can do that all from Slack.

This is what it looks like in action:

How It Works

When you create a Meeting Workflow, you can now add Action Buttons
(video: introduction to action buttons) to it.

You can tailor these workflows to your specific needs. You decide when you receive a message in Slack, and which actions you want to take.

Why You’ll Love Meeting Workflows

Logging into Salesforce, finding the right opp and updating a field aren’t the tasks most sales reps enjoy most. With our updated Meeting Workflow, we take away that pain - it now just takes a couple of clicks within Slack, without switching between screens.

This doesn’t just make it easy to update opportunities in general. It’s also much easier to update them on the go using the Slack mobile app, and will help keep your data clean. And believe us, it will definitely take away some frustration.

Either way - don’t take our word for it, just check it out yourself. You can set up Meeting Workflow here, or sign up for a free account if you’re not a Troops user yet!

Tommy Klouwers

Written by Tommy Klouwers