Posted by Scott on Nov 2, 2017 9:00:18 AM

We’re excited to introduce a new, more collaborative way to streamline processes and information amongst your teams.

You can now route any Troops workflow to group messages based on anything that is changing in Salesforce.

This brings a whole new level of proactivity and ease to existing handoffs, coaching moments, and any process that requires collaboration.


Group workflows can be created amongst Salesforce users or Slack team members.

How This Works

Inside any field change workflow when you are selecting your routing, you now have the ability to multi-select users and choose “Send as a Group Message.

When you select this option Troops will dynamically trigger and route these workflows to everyone in the group anytime your conditions are met.


Let’s take an example handoff example demonstrate.

Say you created a workflow that connected Account Executives and CSMs every time a deal closes to facilitate a smooth handoff.

Even if your AEs and CSMs revolve and aren’t always a consistent pod, Troops will connect the right group of people, so long as they are appropriately referenced in Salesforce.

This means you can deploy these workflows across your entire organization in just a few clicks : )

Some Great Use Cases

Below are some popular use cases enhanced by this new functionality:

  • SDR / AE Handoffs
  • AE / CS / Solutions Handoffs
  • Rep + Manager Amount has dropped below a certain point
  • Rep + Manager Closed Lost
  • Rep + Manager  Closed Date or Forecast Has Changed
  • Rep + Product when certain feedback has been logged
  • Rep + CS when account health has dropped

For more ideas check out the existing Coaching and Handoff templates in your workflow library.

In order to perform any workflow between a Salesforce user and a manager or someone not referenced on a Salesforce record, all you need to do is select those 2 individuals separately as demonstrated below.


Screen Recording 2017-11-01 at 09.08 AM


Right now only referenced Salesforce users on the object you selected and users in your Slack are selectable options for group DM routing. Including, both channels and users is not supported and must be done as seperate workflows.

Getting Started

This is the beginning of the a whole new entrée of collaborative workflow that we are excited to bring to you.

To get started just log into your dashboard or shoot us an email here!



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